Fake chains and jewelry, oh my!

Eric and I had a discussion-filled ride to church… he wondered if I’d decided about Monday yet. Halfway, I said… yes, he’s right when he calls it sitting on the fence! We kinda talked about feelings, sure. We walked into service pretty late, so we got seats by Dave in the last few rows. I noticed Mr. Creep in the last row of our section, and took some time to plot how I’d delay myself getting out of there so he wouldn’t touch my stuff. (ridiculous, yes…) Also took some time to re-read the prep lesson for today, although the kids turned out to have NO attention span whatsoever! Next time, I should just be like “Jesus did this with his friends, and then taught people that. The End.” Hahaha.

After service, I talked to Jon and Harmony (plus Karen Chu from Toronto) briefly in the sanctuary – and noticed Martin talking to Mr. Creep. Well, that’s all right. Delayed myself even further by saying hi to baby Mattias, and talking to Melia about fried chicken and the hockey game yesterday. Quickly did a verbal RSVP to Andrea for her wedding in case I forget: Eric keeps forgetting to RSVP to Joe’s wedding, and wondered what I’d do at the banquet time. Good question – I don’t know! I noticed that the clock in the fellowship hall hadn’t been changed yet (much like the one in Eric’s car), but that was okay. Harmony said that my mom had copied me in the email, but I didn’t want to go through my email looking for it later. Dinner is tomorrow at 7:30 (clash with the beginning of JACK BAUER?!), and will be at Gingeri in Lansdowne.. I think we went there last year, too!

Dave approached me with a smile and a handshake – I’m comfortable with that! We talked about Malibu, fake jewelry and chains at trinket stores (“you can look like a gangsta for $10!”), paying bills, his hanging out with his brother and sister-in-law today, and his status about wanting some double cheeseburgers at McDonalds. You bet I saw it if I even commented on it, man! He made it sound so casual when he said that we should go out for those things sometimes – for SURE! And here I was, telling Eric that it would sound weird if I did the same friendly thing – casual is good, for sure! After a while, we just stood around awkwardly – I noticed that the (lukewarm) coffee had been brought in, so turned my attention to Adam instead. He said his friends had put those TMI status updates in about diarrhea / ShamWows and being lonely / horny… lesson to be learned here? Don’t EVER let your friends borrow your Blackberry, dude!

Had some lukewarm coffee, and warned Jeremy about it as we talked about a number of things. Saw Joshua and Keenan, so talked to them for a while – they’re so cute! Rolled-up bulletins as swords and guns, oh my! Wished Maxine and Fabian a happy belated birthday, and went upstairs after talking to Chrystal about what she’d done yesterday. Had a BIG class today even with Amanda and birthday boy Conor absent: Ramen, Shira, Amos, Harrison (not setting a good example), Esther, Jason, Micah, Mattias, David, and Evelyn. Micah liked Lego and the Etch-A-Sketch… he even told me to look at some scribbles he’d drawn! I clapped for those, haha. Esther, Micah, and Mattias liked the stickers with the bracelets, though! Saw Ada and Ian on the way out, so I asked Ian if he’d gone to the Awana Sleepover on Friday. He was busy with a friend’s birthday party, so I said that he’d missed a chance to stay up ALL night and bug the leaders! (to Ada, I added that I’d seen people’s Facebook statuses about being up at 3 AM with a bunch of rowdy kids who hadn’t slept yet) Ian said he couldn’t do that… “Oh, I can only stay up half the night.” Hahaha, sounds good to me if you get some fun in BEFORE you sleep!

After that, it was downstairs to wait for Jon’s food class to be finally over – talked to Lincoln and Karen for a bit. I learned that the Daniel Fellowship would also be going curling on Friday at the same time and place – independently thought of, so it’s a coincidence! When it was done, I went in and carefully avoided Mr. Creep until he started talking about smacking my brother – you do NOT do that, even as a joke, and even if he can fight his own battles! I had fun talking to Joyce, Grace, and Quan while we partook of homemade fries and ketchup. Cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen – of course Mr. Creep HAD to introduce himself to Eric and Stanley’s dad (insinuating yourself into the church janitorial work?), AND eat all the leftover fries! *sigh*

Auntie Rebecca briefly talked to me about my mother issues – no, I haven’t talked to her since that night, since I value my mental sanity! I wouldn’t go over there for SOUP, either – she says she understands, anyhow. Jeremy demonstrated making a knot out of plastic bags by rolling the excess bag up… it kinda worked, haha. Eventually, we decided on something quick like Pho for lunch since Eric had to be back in Richmond at 2:30. Due to cleaning up and some people’s tendencies to loiter, we didn’t leave till 1:45. Stanley and Jonathan let Eric and Jeremy know about drumming and school camp conflicting with things on our way out, too. The time might have been enough time to eat, but not enough time to drop me off and then go right back out to Riverport! Of course I understood!

I probably would have rather sat on the side of the table which had Randal, Jen, Christon, and Kevin… not with Jeremy, Eric, and Mr. Creep! Too close quarters, for sure! Jon, Harmony, and Karen had to sit at another table! Talked about agriculture, Daniel being in the UK, Nathan, the Olympics Committees, the Paralympics, school cafeterias, the menu, commercials on TV, and kiddy cereals being filled with sugar! I respect what Jeremy has to say because he has much knowledge about stuff – even if I can’t really contribute TOO much to the conversation (I felt stifled!), it’s cool to learn some stuff, heh. Besides, he’s a genuinely friendly guy! Learned that his parents would be going to Germany at Easter, so won’t be here – yay, relatives!

Eric was doubtful that I’d be able to eat my meal really quickly (especially since they seemed to forget about it!), but I did because I am an NG! Hahaha! He wondered what the Ugs were doing later: swing-dancing, yes. Eventually, he had decided that he’d drop me off at Riverport, but I saw 41st coming up and wondered about Oakridge. I know where the bus stops are around there, and exactly where they go… unlike Silvercity! That worked as the best decision, heh.

Later, he advised me that if I were going to the dinner, to tell Steph – and also to not have any drama. Trust me, the drama is ALL Mom! He dropped me off about a block away, apologizing after I thanked him for the ride. Of course it’s okay since it’s Eric (non-abrupt and non-abrasive!), and I understand time crunches! (he had to get his parents to save him seats at AVATAR – yes, he had the tickets!) After a pit stop at the mall, I went home relatively quickly… called Steph and told her about Phil and Grace. She’d been at work till really late / early, so decided to sleep. Good decision!

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