Wearing a Sparky uniform, partying at the O Zone, condoms, and sports bars

Martin T. picked me up a bit earlier than Henry usually does, but that’s okay – we spent the ride over talking about the Olympics (we’ll both miss it), watching it on TV, being bad for skipping Fellowship to watch yesterday’s game, events, ferris wheels, cranberries, Henry having a slight fever, his trip to Hong Kong / his relatives, and more. Interacted with Chrystal (glasses and SPACE FROM PARENTS!), Sabrina (Canada toque!), Golden (the Mint pavilion!), Jordan, Annika, little Eric M., Eric T. wearing a Sparky uniform, Matthew Ma #2, Nina, Emily, Gerard, Luke, and others. Sean got upset again when his color team didn’t win, so of course was crying… poor kid! On the way home, we discussed Chinese zodiac animals (Ian is a Snake, Sean is a Sheep / Ram / FEMALE, as per his brother!, and Ada is a Pig), and stickers from trophies won last year. I don’t think Ian was too impressed when I told them that I had heard of girls named Sean / Shawn before, but his parents were definitely unimpressed with Sean not being buckled in properly! (“My leg’s stuck!”)

Got home and called Eric before I fell asleep: sounded like his brother answered the phone, haha. Since Eric has to do sound tomorrow, it’ll be around 8:45 – he said that I was partying at the O Zone all day (NO!), and had to get a gold medal from an American bobsledder as my price for a ride. Not sure whether this is worse than Corey telling me that I could deliver some condoms to the Olympic Village despite the high security there! Checked email just now to see that Martin J. votes for watching the game at a sports bar – since he rarely drinks, he’ll rely on Jon for a venue. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

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