Slovakia ALMOST won against Canada!


Missed a call from Eric’s work at 6:10, so called him back on his cellphone a few minutes later. He said he wasn’t going to Fellowship, due to the Canada-Slovakia hockey game… I said that it was a good decision, because transit traffic was insane enough this afternoon. When he wondered what I’d been doing outside, I said that I was getting my new glasses frames. I asked what he’d be doing, and he said he’d either watch it at home or Alistair’s – then he asked whether I’d go to the O Zone to watch it. Nah, I can stay dry here out of the rain, even if the mice ARE still around. I’ll definitely call him tomorrow for Sunday, I guess!

From Candy: Our Father, who art in GM (Canada Hockey) Place, hockey be thy name, thy will be done. GOLD to be WON on ICE as well as IN THE STANDS, give us this day our hockey sticks, and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check against us. Lead us not into elimination, but deliver us to victory, in the name of the fans, CANADA, and the HOLY PUCK. AMEN!! GO CANADA GO”

The Canadians won 3-2, but Slovakia put on a lot of pressure as well, considering we were winning 3-0! Don’t know what happened in the last few minutes of the game, though! Canada also got a gold medal in 5K short-track relay, a gold and bronze in short-track speed skating, and silver in women’s curling. ▐ ♣▐ GO CANADA GO! ▌♥ ▌ (I also like the commercial for hand sanitizer that’s on now…)

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