HER GHOST IN THE FOG / New blue frames and transit insanity / Mullets

Barb Scott just reminded me of this song, and that’s why I’m playing it now. Good times. 😀

Just got home from a rather insane transit outing to get my new blue frames. The Canada Line station at Brighouse was CRAZY, even if I somewhat bypassed the LONG lineup! At least I remembered where the glasses place was from yesterday even if my sense of direction seems to be non-existent. The technician wanted to know if I wished to keep my old frame – definitely not, since I don’t think I could use them as a spare. At least I got a new Ellen Tracy glasses case! Going home was slightly less insane, and I was relieved to find that Eric had NOT called me from work.

Decided to wear my bling red sweater once I learned that my sister is in Tokyo now, haha – this rainy weather isn’t appropriate for the DRAGON! After looking up caffeine content online, I got some Coke from the vending machine. Then I also used Google to look up how to remove a recalcitrant pot pie from its tin – the butter knife method worked, thank goodness. Finally, I can eat stuff!

You Should Not Have a Mullet

Unless you’re being truly ironic, you should shy away from having a mullet. A mullet is so not you.

You are modern, trendy, and sophisticated. You can’t remember the last time you chugged a cheap beer.

You don’t have a redneck bone in your body, and you probably don’t even know a Billy Ray Cyrus song.

That being said, having a mullet would be the perfect Halloween costume for you. You would make a hilarious hillbilly.

I know ACHY BREAKY HEART, but not well. However, the rest of this fits. I don’t know ANY girl who would WANT to have a mullet, anyway!

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