Merry Christmas! / Bad Movie Night / Gift Poo

Christon forwarded me the “BAD MOVIE NIGHT” email – Jen said that since BATTLEFIELD EARTH and GIGLI were such a hoot, there MUST be a followup! She suggested TROLL 2, THE GIANT CLAW, and HOWARD THE DUCK. Sounds like a pondering night to me, as my brother says – HOW DID THESE GET OKAYED FOR THE MASS PUBLIC?! Teresa wished me a Merry Christmas on both MSN and YM, haha.

Poo nugget for Friday, December 25: Gift Poo – Surprise! – A Gift Poo is a dump that someone left behind in a toilet without flushing. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are most prevalent in public restrooms and fraternity houses. These gifts are sometimes left as trophies to anonymously show off accomplishments, sometimes as pranks, or occasionally as absentminded accidents – often resulting from multitaskers trying to talk on the cell phone, and wanting to avoid the flush that gives them away. The origins of these poos may remain a mystery, but they can linger anywhere from minutes to days, depending on when the gift is first seen or smelled.


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