If you jaywalk, it could cost you your LIFE!

I went out to London Drugs to buy a whole bunch of cookies. Yes, I could have chosen Safeway / Save-On / other places which are closer to the townhouse, but it’s familiar to me. After rejecting Royal Dansk cookies as too common (haha), I got a big 1.14-kg pack of Voortman cookies, which wasn’t quite five dozen cookies. So to make up for that perceived shortfall, I bought some Voortman cookies in the shape of gingerbread men. Then I saw some Manner Wien Apfel Lebkuchen cookies: chocolate-coated gingerbread with apple fruit filling? I decided to try it, so bought a bag for Steph and me to share. Figured I might as well do all this BEFORE it starts to snow on the weekend – thank goodness the church is all enclosed with the parkade! Got home to find a message from Grace about the cookie exchange: apparently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t really bake, so I can just buy the cookies. GOOD THING! Steph just called to say she’d be a little late since she’s working on a file in which a pedestrian was killed while crossing the street: “DON’T JAYWALK!” I might as well eat first after I shower, then…

Note: If LJ were a strip club Memegen, by kikibeth

Which Hellsing Chara would you make crazy? by MangaFight
You would make Crazy: Major
And how? you teach them in math
So He / she first… Fucking with a pizza
Then he/she… Rap a song about blue flowers
But then he strikes back with a big blue planet (how ever…)
but in the and… You are friends again
this one is helping you to survive: Anderson
So in the end, you had three-way sex with: Alucard and Integra
You look like this

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