No Alibi Room for me tonight… Turkey Poo and Crude Oil

Called Jon and Harmony to see what they were doing tonight, but Jon was teaching earlier. Apparently, they were going to bus to the Alibi Room – fine and dandy, but I kinda wanted to avoid busing home in the dark if Aaron didn’t make it, haha. Luckily, Jon said it was cool if I wanted to stay home too. After some thought, I said I’d do just that – not that I was opposed to meeting Harmony’s cousins again, but it was best for me if I stayed here. I got some work done, haha. Karen Chan also added me on Facebook – yay!

Poo nugget for Thursday, November 26: Poo To Be Thankful For – A Kansas City plant gave environmentalists something to be thankful for when it began converting turkey feces into 300 barrels of crude oil per day. Neighbors were less pleased; the stench, reportedly, was overwhelmingly unpleasant, causing the plant owner to consider a move to Ireland.


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