Vanessa, Chuck, My Chemical Romance sleepover, and wiping with rocks

Talked to Vanessa H. briefly on Facebook chat – she’s back this weekend for a few days, is busy with school in Victoria, and wants to go for bubble tea or something. Hopefully I get to see her! Chuck sent me a Facebook message, thanking me for both cards. He said that they were very nice and lovely, and hopes I keep well till Christmas and the year ahead. I’ll see him before his and Andrea’s wedding, which will be good!

Poo nugget for Monday, November 23: Let’s Hope They Were Smooth Rocks – Ancient Greeks wiped their backsides with rocks and pieces of clay.

Another HILARIOUS (sexy) MCR sleepover! by Mychemfan
The day you want it….
Where it’s at…… Gerard’s house
What Gerard does…. Gets you in bed
What Frank does…. You and he gang up on Mikey (Attack!)
What Mikey does… You and Mikey get revenge on Frank
What Ray does….. Paints your nails
What Matt does…. Writes a song for you
Who’s the surprise guest…. Eminem
How you wake up…. Gerard telling you how much he loves you

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