Cranberry Gold Mix should list obvious ingredients! / Amused Pear

I ate some of my “Cranberry Gold Mix” from Kingsgate Mall earlier. It’s good, but it doesn’t list rather obvious ingredients, like the sunflower seeds / nuts! I’ve heard that there’s snow on the mountains already, so Whistler / Blackcomb are opening up two weeks early. As long as it stays up there (especially during the Olympics) and not down here, I don’t much care.

Mom called me earlier, but I wasn’t near the phone. So I called her back now – apparently, she wanted to take me out for lunch. At least I escaped any serious discussion, haha – she says she got me quite a bit of stuff, so hopefully it’s not TOO random with the crap. πŸ˜‰ [no, I’m not saying that the stuff she gets me is crap!] Also, I’ve read that apparently GWAR is coming to town – Corey would love this news, haha!

An amusing pear image I got from ohnotheydidnt! “I found your previous statement quite amusing and did have an audible chuckle, but I would appreciate if you explained yourself so that I may fully understand your desired message.” I had to snag it. This is so much more “me” than “LOLWUT.” πŸ˜‰


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