Stupid bookshelf redesigns, Eric’s birthday karaoke, killing machines

Talked to Billie about things, which was good. Corey thought I should have a pizza pyramid for dinner – no thanks! Learned that Visual Bookshelf has been re-designed… why?! Now I can’t edit the area which tells you whether a book’s been read / wanted / borrowed / not wanted, or see my friends’ collections. Maybe I’ll have to look into iRead, or whatever Steve has! (but that may take too much time, with 1256+ books in my other collection…)

Jon sent us a Sunday Dinner email, and this one is to commemorate Eric’s birthday. I can probably go to that one, for sure. No Magic Bra this year, haha. Surprisingly, it’s not at Jeremy’s (the horror!) – it’s at the sustainable Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, then there’s karaoke (which Eric is being a good sport about) at Millennium near Aberdeen later. At least he and Steph have registered a “yes” RSVP for my birthday dinner through Evite. Billie has said “yes” through Facebook; Daniel / Natalie / Jazmin / Silvester / Daniel are “maybe,” and Vania / Sharlene / Cindy / Jasmine are “no.”

Facebook quiz taken from Kenny:

Leslie completed the quiz “Which Killing Machine Are You?” with the result Nemesis. You are the Nemesis! Terrifying and immense, you hunt the enemies of the Umbrella Corporation that mutated you. You annihilate those you hunt with your rocket launcher or your minigun, or simply crush them to death with your incredible strength. A grisly spectre of death, you were not always this way, and did not choose to become the monster you are. Perhaps when something from your past life triggers something inside your head, you will remember what is right and redeem yourself. Until then, you are the ultimate soldier.


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