Chicken pot pie and brownies do NOT relate to marijuana in any way!

Eric picked me up, and since I was feeling a little bitchy, I decided to be extra random! He wasn’t too impressed, but whatever. I gave him the bottled water before he totally died, of course. Also gave him his birthday card, and asked what he was doing for his birthday. Apparently, Jon had said something about karaoke, and (later on) some “anti-Eric combination” – that could include alcohol (Grand Marnier?), caffeine, sugar, and something else! Talked about Steph and her friend asking about snakes – Eric thinks that our family is rather focused on that particular function, which is true! He said that the NHLPA had fired its executive director (apparently for no reason), and announced it at 12:30 AM today – CRAZY, indeed! I said that someone who disrupted traffic by turning left in the middle of a lane needed to be shot in the head – he wasn’t impressed with that, either. Yes, he agreed it was annoying… but not to that extent.

Told him about the guestbook, which he didn’t believe that I made – guess you’ll see later! He thought my chicken pot pie and my brownies had something in common… despite what someone may have told him, I’ve never smoked the marijuana leaf in my life! Even if I ordered a six-inch Veggie Delight sub, it didn’t mean that I had the munchies from it! Discussed the BBQ / Greek salad / Subway, and we went to the one next to Sleep Country Canada. I was impatient when there turned out to be nobody answering the church door, so Eric called Dylan to let us in. When Eric told me that we’d be let in since he was coming downstairs, I said that it had better be the case, or else somebody was getting rocks in their head. Dylan let us in, and I said “FINALLY” to him, haha.

I just could not contain my distaste when certain people were mentioned as being eligible to be on Committee next year – yikes! Vivian commented on the chicken pot pie: well, I *was* going to eat it before I left, but then Eric called, so I figured I’d better take it along. Kevin and Johnny were fine, as usual – too bad Johnny’s going to Hong Kong. Discussed programs, preferences, cards for certain people, refreshments, 9/11 being a HOLIDAY in the States now, Dylan’s wedding, and more. Corrected Johnny’s grammar (“too much” is really “too many”), and pounced on Dylan’s mistake when he referred to Superstore as Wal-Mart, hahaha!

On the way home (it somehow smelled like PineSol outside the church – WTF?!), I was even more random – I said stuff about drugs and pain, and said that I knew he was a man, so I knew what he was thinking when he intimated that I did things in the dark in Jon and Harmony’s washroom. Discussed bling / babies / the hockey pool / colorful things / Peter / Jon / Holly / Dallas / Ryan / Alison / the housewarming (fun after 7:30!) / the relative merits of Kelsey’s over California Café for him. I agree that Hong Kong-style cafés don’t know how to do steak as well as white places do, for sure. Oh well, Ironwood should still be easy to get to… I hope! I’ve also found out that the Dog’s Ear is not in Richmond anymore – I well remember my two trips there in 2007 and 2008 for a certain someone! THAILAND and CHARTER MAN, indeed!

Facebook quiz taken from Darren:

Leslie took the How will YOU get kicked out of Wal-Mart? quiz and got the result: You darted around the aisle suspiciously while humming the theme from Mission Impossible… You just finished watching the movie and couldn’t get the tune out of your head. Plus, you had about 4 Red Bulls. Too bad for you!


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