Grandma COOKED the meat she’s looking for! / Sawyer Vest is not a name!

When I got up today, Grandma started being herself again: she turned her radio up HIGH (and I do mean HIGH), said that I should eat as soon as I came downstairs (no!), and told me that I should remember where I put the meat she bought… maybe YOU misplaced it! Then she said that I couldn’t remember anything since I couldn’t even remember that (HOW RUDE… who’s more likely to have the short-term memory loss here?!), and called the doctor for an appointment because her hands hurt.

It’s not like they can do anything else for it, and it’s just discomfort – and how about consulting Steph first before she calls? As it happens, Vanessa is coming over to take Steph out for lunch – good thing her appointment is at 2. I offered her pizza, and she wouldn’t take it – but two minutes later, she wanted some herself. Then she was bugging me about not doing the dishes right away – it’s not THAT big a deal, is it?! It’s just a couple of plates and utensils, NOT a sink full of dishes! Of course, she thought that we weren’t ever going to do them (after maybe fifteen minutes), so SHE did them!

What kind of names are Stone Smith (boy), Stran Smith (father of Stone), Sawyer Vest (boy), Ridgewalker Busch (boy), Neilly Busch (girl), and Rowlie Busch (father of preceding two) anyway?! Got these from a story on “mutton bustin'” – apparently, the pre-cursor to the rodeo, for little kids. Also found Mike Teerink in the “In Memoriam” section… I went to junior high with him, and had heard through Facebook that he died. Didn’t know it was in 2002, and also didn’t know that he shared my sister’s birthday!

Steph then wondered if Grandma had COOKED the meat she’s looking for – we might have eaten it a week ago, even! Now that she mentions it, that’s pretty much what happened, since now I remember her thawing some meat out. There you go – don’t accuse people of forgetting stuff, AIYA! Later, Steph said that Vanessa will be late, so we looked up Translink stuff. Seems to be doable, but Grandma’s gonna be cranky! We’ll just go to the nearest bus stop right outside the townhouse, and take it to Richmond Centre, then take the Canada Line or the B-Line since that’s still in service for now. She’ll complain about the walking, though!

Grandma found some pork shank in the freezer, then got mad at me because I didn’t respond right away (or within 30 seconds) when she asked me to go and identify it for her! Yes, I know that you have to cook the meat so we can eat it tonight for dinner. But you’re not making it RIGHT NOW, and it’s not like the thing will thaw any faster just because you have to wait two minutes for me to identify it! When I told her that we’re leaving at 1 (extra time built in because she is SLOW), she wondered at 12:15 whether I was going to wear my shoes or not. No, because I’m not as impatient as you are! *rolleyes*

Your Name Comes from Saturn

You are a hard worker, and you take your responsibilities seriously.

Some people may find you to be cold, but your sense of humor is hard to pick up on at first.

You have always been an old soul, and you tend to be the teacher in most relationships.

You are often too hard on yourself but only because you are trying to be the best person possible.


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