I’m Chinese, not Italian or from Chicago! / RING OF FIRE!

Off to the church barbecue to celebrate 142 years, even though I have a few Word Twist games on the go – thanks to Sam and Ivan for returning my calls! HAPPY CANADA DAY! This thing restarted overnight!

Leslie’s just got their Celebrity Name from Name Generators. I just got my Celebrity Name. It’s Jessica Simpson.

Leslie’s just got their Smurf Name from Name Generators. I just got my Smurf Name. It’s Narcoleptic Smurf.

Facebook quizzes taken from Scarlet, Diane, Chrissy, Annette, Hien, Jemima, Leslie, Jennifer J., and Candy:

Leslie completed the quiz “Which Ghastlycrumb Tiny are you?” with the result Earnest, who Choked on a Peach. You are Earnest! Food is your passion. Whether it is from the best restaurant in the country or from McDonalds, you want to eat it. Just slow down a little bit while you eat. Something bad could happen, and not everyone knows the Heimlich Maneuver.

Leslie completed the quiz “Which Pin-Up Legend are You?” with the result Betty Brosmer. Not as “famous” as the other pinups, but you have something that makes you unique. You’ve got that something special that no one else has, but they all want. Your 18″ waist sets you apart from the crowd. Your curves are known for miles, and you can strut them proudly. After all, there is only one you.

Leslie took the What Paranormal creature do you symbolize? quiz and the result is Alien. You are intelligent and everyone around you feels it, but is in denial. They don’t believe you exist because your amazing power is too much for them to take. You are against the government, and have rules of your own. You have too much knowledge and not enough room for it all in your head. You must keep towards your goal because your intelligence will make it happen! (HAHAHA! SOME people are definitely in denial over my existence!)

Leslie took the When will you get pregnant? quiz and got the result: May 2013.

Leslie completed the quiz “What gang should you be in?” with the result biker. You’re white and you’re proud of being it. You look like a bum, love rock music, and will beat up anyone who is in your way. You love your bike more than anything in the world, probably never shave, and love your country / your brothers. At one point, you went to jail for slapping a B!$%# for touchin’ your beer. Ride out to the sunset, you scary white man.

Leslie took the How long will you last in a fight against God? quiz and got the result: 5 Seconds. He’s such a busy man, he’ll let you live for a few seconds longer than most.

Leslie took the quiz “What sea animal are you?” and the result is “KILLER WHALE.” You are swift and deadly, but your loyalty is what really makes you valuable. Your friends know that they can count on you to get the job done when need be, and your dependability makes an incredible first impression every time. Getting references for a new job is always easy, as lots of people are willing to put in a good word for you.

Leslie took the quiz What Age Will You Die? and the result is You will die at age 72. You’re pretty average when it comes to how you live… And how you’ll die as well.

Leslie just took the “What kind of hair fits your personality” quiz and the result is Short ‘n Straight. You’re a party animal! You are the clubbing type, and people notice you. (I am not!)

Leslie completed the quiz “How Italian are you?” with the result Straight off the boat. You are a true Italian. You’re not afraid to slap someone and throw food and / or beverages. Also, you like to watch Italian soccer and eat pasta every Sunday with 20+ people at Grandma’s.

Leslie completed the quiz “Which Chicago street are you?” with the result 63rd Street. You’re from Chi-town, no doubt. You’ve been in this city all your life and know it like the back of your hand. You know which neighborhoods are dangerous, safe, fun, lame, and everything in between. Stay true to your hometown!

Leslie completed the quiz “Who’s Your Hollywood Hunk?” with the result James Franco. Laid-back and totally easygoing. Easy to joke with and fun to be around, James Franco will complement your funny persona. He won’t be afraid to mess with you, and be the kind of lover you want. Easy to be around, but willing to please you in any way possible.

Leslie completed the quiz “What is your Best Trait?” with the result Strength. Whatever storm life brings you, you aren’t afraid to deal with it head on. You know you can get through anything, and your strength draws in other people that want protection and a sense of security. You are a great leader, and people admire your stability and confidence. Instead of letting your emotions get out of control, you think logically and find solutions to any problems you face. You don’t let people’s opinions affect you, and you take criticism with a grain of salt. You stand up for what’s right, and you don’t give in to what you know will bring you down.

Poo nugget for Wednesday, July 1: Ring of Fire – Synonyms: Acid Poo, Hooters’ Souvenir, Curry in a Hurry, Fire in the Hole, Tabasco Turd, Feeling the Burn. (POO OF THE MONTH! It features flames shooting up from the toilet in the drawing!)


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