Roaches / Poo bacteria on household toothbrushes

Bingo of the night so far:

ANTECHOIR (71 points) – against George M.

High-scoring word of the night so far:

ROACH (120 points) – against LeeAnne K. [5W, 2W]

Leslie just took the “Which Finnish metal band are you?” quiz and the result is Norther. Norther can easily be summed up as “like Children of Bodom.” Their sounds are very similar, so similar in fact that many people have described them as COB wannabes. In all likelihood, you found out about Norther through COB, but you were hooked because of the differences. All in all, Norther is the band for you.

Facebook quizzes taken from Jane, Jono, Morgana, and Candy:

Leslie took the Which Anne of Green Gables Character are YOU? quiz and the result is You are Anne “would you please call me Cordelia” Shirley! A dreamer with a great imagination, you spare yourself the horrors of reality by putting up a wall and believing the best is yet to come. You’re fiercely independent, a leader, and you don’t take any crap from any boys. You’re willing to smash a few slates over some heads to get the respect you deserve, and you’re willing to walk the roof of many a kitchen to one-up any jerk that stands in your way. You do carry a lot of sorrow hidden deep within your soul, so be careful not to let it eat you alive. You must take comfort in the words of wisdom from your bosom friends and other kindred spirits, and release your inner demons through creative means; whether acting, writing, drawing, singing… You are a true kindred spirit.

Leslie completed the quiz “Which Black Books character are you?” with the result Fran. You are Fran. Although you have occasional delusions of grandeur… you smoke, drink, and are unemployed… and will be like this for a long time to come.

Leslie took the Ultimate IQ Test and scored a 104. Her IQ of 104 is in the top 50%, which is statistically normal compared to the average Facebook user (IQ of 105).

Leslie just took the “What would you look like as a fantasy person?” quiz and the result is Vampire. You sure love that taste of human blood, but are extremely beautiful.

Leslie just took the “What Kind of Guitar God Are You?” quiz and the result is Traditional Rock God. You are the Guitar God of Hard rock, Rock & Roll, Psychedelic Rock and Glam Rock. You give your audience a hell of a time by using pure, undiluted riffs and traditional solos. Your fans are most likely Slash, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and Brian May fans. Your choice of weapon is usually a Gibson SG, Les Paul, or a Fender Strat. People might criticize you for your repetitiveness or simpleness, but there is no doubt you are truly rocking in your heart: That is unchallengeable.

Leslie just took the “Which subgenre of metal are you?” quiz and the result is Avant-garde metal! You see yourself as an individual – something new and unique. You are very creative and experimental, and you are always ready to set yourself up for a challenge. Your mind has no limits – you love expressing yourself through the arts, and aren’t one to back down when something goes wrong. Go, you! =) Just a few of the many avant-garde metal bands: Angizia, Fleurety, Kekal, The Amenta.

Leslie just took the “What type of metal are you?” quiz and the result is Rapcore / Rap Metal. You like to bring things down. You are fiery and like to let everyone know what you are thinking. You don’t care about taking things too far because words are words, and you are going to use them to get you where you want to be. You are passionate, and love to spit it out. You have a lot to say, so you say it. You like things heavy, but upbeat at the same time. You struggle on to let others know what’s always on your mind. You rock on with your words and sounds like a revolutionary. Examples: Rage Against the Machine, Papa Roach, Cypress Hill.

Leslie just took the “What Heavy Metal Singer Are You?” quiz and the result is David Draiman {Disturbed}. You add interesting sounds to your vocals, but you still maintain being a bad ass. You could shave your head and still be awesome. But even though you raise a lot of hell, you still maintain order.

Poo nugget for Tuesday, May 26: Doo You Know? – Poo-th Brush – Scientists have discovered the presence of E. coli, a bacterium commonly found in poo, during random testing of household toothbrushes. While this may lead you to wonder how, exactly, other people are using their toothbrushes, it seems that contamination occurs when airborne bacteria (launched by a toilet flush) land on the nearby dental-cleaning apparatus. This research has led to the recommendation by national dental agencies to store toothbrushes at least six feet away from the toilet.

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