Chinese Eric is a sucker for chocolate! / Angry Video Game Nerd

Bingos of the night so far:

OATMEALS (85 points) – against Lise M.
DELETIONS (73 points) – against Louise C.
TIRAMISU (78 points) – against Linda B.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

CASHIER (636 points) – against Millie F. [two 5W, 3L on C]
AVIARY (126 points) – against Linda S. [two 3W]
SPACY (120 points) – against Jeanne S. [3W, 4W]
SODIC (132 points) – against Lise M. [4W, 2W, hook off AXIOM for a plural]

Facebook quiz taken from Katherine:

Leslie took WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF YOU AT FIRST SIGHT? quiz and the result is you are funny. đŸ™‚ People like you as soon as they see you! You look sincere and trustworthy! (Not sure what that has to do with being funny, but okay…)

This thing just restarted… ugh!

Finally talked to Eric H. for a bit earlier tonight: that was very cool, and he liked my gift idea! (the HUSBAND guide) Discussed Ribena, weather, rain, pics, mondo amounts of spam, seeing imported Canadian Alberta beef and Australian beef (both quite good) in Macau, Tim Tams (he’s tried them!), Yaohan, and more. “I like creamy Truffle… I am a sucker for chocolate. Layers of chocolate covered in biscuit…. it gets my mouth watering just thinking about it….. haha! Chocolate-orange is good, too!” In that case, I should introduce him to the dark chocolate I have around here, whee! He doesn’t mind, and thinks we should try them all (yum!) when he gets back – hopefully for a month, but you never know about the progress of what he’s working on! Corey is making two crappy not-even-steaks: DAMN PACKAGING! Am trying the Lindt Excellence 90% bar now: it’s pretty bitter, but it’s all right too.

Why am I getting “stalked” by a whole bunch of people on OK Cupid, when I barely use the service?! Oh well. Corey also linked me to the Angry Video Game Nerd’s opinion on Spider-Man games: mainly, that they SUCK!. Apparently, creative swearing is one of his trademarks, which is okay as long as it’s not what I was exposed to via Blog TV last year – yikes! That girl Lisa had a mouth on her!

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