Presidential Poo / Writer’s Block: Sounds Good to Me

High-scoring words of the night so far:

HOMING (224 points) – against Sheila Z. [two 4W]
TOGATE (436 points) – against Jamey J. [3W, two 4W]
NECK (120 points) – against Kaye W. [5W, 4L on K]
BEWAILER (175 points) – against Scott L. [5W, 3L on W]
PEACE (220 points; 5W, two 2W), SALLOW (905 points; two 2W, two 5W, hook off DUO for a plural) – against Jenny K.

I finally found out who was under Eric’s mask in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: a living skull with eye holes! The face of death is the opera ghost! Talking to Billie about this now, after I bugged Corey about fixing stuff, hahaha. Little Steven’s Underground Garage is Valentine’s-themed, but I don’t mind the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre garage music. 😀

Writer’s Block: Sounds Good to Me

Persnickety, flibbertigibbet, lollygag — some words are just more fun to say. What’s your favorite word?
Defenestration, hands down!
View other answers.

Poo nugget for Monday, Feb. 16: Presidential Poo – On a trip to Vienna, the White House flew in a special presidential crapper so that President George W. Bush’s feces could be collected and disposed of in a secure manner. Secret Service agents capture presidential poo in order to prevent foreign intelligence agencies from collecting information about the commander in chief’s health. Governmental agencies, including the United States’ CIA and the Israeli Mossad, have used this approach to gain valuable information on the health status of world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev.

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