Sire Jon in whey! / Rosemary lamb sirloin?!

High-scoring words of the day so far:

WHEY (256 points) – against Kera B. [two 4W]
ADAGIAL (258 points) – against George M. [two 4W]
QI (74 points) – against Angela V. [3L used TWICE over!]
BENNIES (185 points) – against Susana D. [5W]
HEX (156 points) – against Kathy S. [4W, 2W]
MIZEN (190 points) – against Kathy S. [5W, 2W] {different game}
DAYGLOW (592 points) – against Graham F. [two 4W]
KATION (208 points) – against Kathy T. [two 4W]

Interesting racks of the day so far: SIREJONA (against Flora G. – read that as “Sire Jon A.”), WAVYCOAT (against Josephine S.), MALTDEAL (against Stacey C.-D.)

Talked to Michelle C. about A Walk To Remember – the only thing I associate with that movie is how Vernon proposed to Sarah RIGHT before they were going to watch it! That’s an easy way to not have to watch it, haha. Then again, her family WAS getting into town the next day, so it’s also a good way to have privacy!

I’ve been hearing these commercials for Milestones, and they mention rosemary lamb sirloin. Great… now I want some. But of course I must still save money and pay bills. Speaking of which, my phone bill is now GREATLY reduced… huzzah! (as Darren M. would say – wonder what happened to HIM!)


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