Who’s Jack? / Intestine tract measurements

High-scoring words of the late night so far:

TOY (131 points) – against Colin W. [3W, 5W]
THEME (108 points) – against Annu E. [4W, 3L on H]

Hmm. I got a strange Facebook addition just now. Not sure I know anyone named Jack Hui, although he apparently knows Benedict / Henry / Sabrina / Alysia / Teresa / Flora / Phil / Eric T. / Auntie Rebecca / Karen I. / Jessica Lai / Chris. The display picture isn’t helping, since it shows what I assume to be him as a kid. Maybe I’ll ask some of those people on the weekend what’s up, since I never did with that Albert C. Yip dude! (and HE added 100 people a day!)

Poo nugget for Thursday, Jan. 29: The Long and Windy Road – The GI tract is approximately 25 feet in length. This number has been debated because it depends on how (and when) you measure that length. The intestine is at its longest in a live person, and shrinks considerably when it is removed from the body.

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