Snowman poop? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Finished my annual Facebook wall spam, and have received some replies back. I remember Jon was quite surprised at the number of Facebook notifications in my email last year, haha! Corey and I have been talking for a bit tonight, and he seems to think I should give people “snowman poop” – no lumps of coal this year? Heh.

[23:30:23] Corey: well, I need to try to sleep soon so Santa can come 😛
[23:31:32] Flami: nice
[23:36:15] Corey: we didn’t leave any cookies and milk out, or a carrot for Rudolph (I guess the other reindeer don’t need stuff) so maybe he’ll be pissed off and not leave anything
[23:43:13] Flami: that’s probably not the wisest idea
[23:54:03] Corey: what’s the wisest idea?
[23:59:40] Flami: I’m no Santa expert… but maybe you should put something out to mollify him
[00:07:25] Corey: how about a note that says “I was a good boy this year, so leave me a million presents. If you don’t I will cease to be a good boy, and in fact I’m up on the roof with a knife on your head reindeer’s throat. Leave everything you have if you want to be able to fly home, fat man.”
[00:09:20] Flami: that would achieve the opposite
[00:10:26] Corey: but you might get Santa’s entire load of presents which you could then sell to all the sad kids that didn’t get anything since you took it all
[00:10:57] Corey: he’ll still come next year even if you’re on the bad kids list, he still has to leave a lump of coal in your stocking
[00:17:26] Flami: hahaha, true… I should give everyone one of those! 😛
[00:34:07] Corey: nah, just do snowman poop instead
[00:42:26] Flami: COREY. BAD.
[00:42:42] Corey: no really, you can use that 😛
[00:43:26] Corey: you take some marshmallows, put them in a plastic bag, and add a little card with a note that says “You’ve been bad, so here’s the scoop: all you get is snowman poop!”
[00:43:49] Corey: that’s the official snowman poop poem as far as I’m aware 😛
[00:50:15] Flami: the hamsterette: I’ve never heard of it
[00:51:13] Corey: my mom put that in my stocking one year, and a relative sent them another year… and if you Google it, you’ll see articles that give that little poem and the idea as a cute little thing to do for Christmas
[00:51:47] Corey: it’s easy to do, and most people seem to think it’s at least mildly funny 😛
[01:00:03] Flami: haha, I guess so… but try going out in this weather 😛
[01:02:03] Corey: I went out like three times today!
[01:04:03] Flami: what did you do?!
[01:06:20] Corey: lunch, Christmas shopping, church
[01:06:41] Corey: I didn’t fall asleep during the Christmas service this year, so you should be proud of me 😛
[01:08:11] Flami: hey, my friend Darren says “I got my hat from Le Chateau in Metro… the one with the guys’ section… obviously” [we were kinda wondering about that]
[01:08:27] Flami: do you normally fall asleep?
[01:10:29] Corey: yes 😛


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