IRON MAN, the movie!

Teunis kindly picked me up with his friend Kaili in tow, and we were off to Erik’s to watch IRON MAN. Warned me about chocolate on the seat, but it seemed okay – as a precaution, I did wear grungy pants. 😛 Saw a few people again… someone I vaguely recognized as Krista’s dad (I think?), a guy named Kyle, Lindsay, and her mom. We bantered a bit about allergies and nicknames: if white Eric were there, he wouldn’t have been able to eat Teunis’ creation of a semi-sweet chocolate dessert. Probably a good thing he’s seen the movie already and wasn’t there, since we didn’t leave till 1 AM because CERTAIN PEOPLE were busy being RPG / computer geeks. 😉 [and I mean that in the nicest way possible – it’s like when Jeremy and Eric were busy studying the schematics of the church floor plan upstairs today!]

Had chips, candy, and other food… we had to keep it away from the dog Lucy, heh. Was reminded of the time we all got together at Edith and Carina’s place for a Timothy gathering, and their dog Buffy got into the cake that someone had brought to share! Their mom scolded the dog in Chinese, haha. IRON MAN was interesting – I didn’t have the backstory, but managed to get into it well enough. Certain elements (the cave / “Middle Eastern” terrorists / torture / double-crossing?) reminded me of 24 (haven’t seen REDEMPTION yet – I should!) – that was pretty sweet. Of course, the song IRON MAN was kinda in the movie, yet not OF the movie. Surprised someone by writing – size is important! I like how Samuel L. Jackson had a very small cameo after the end credits, haha. Someone’s IRON MAN bobblehead reminded me of Strong Bad – yay!

Discussed GREEN candy, STAR WARS mechanics / transport, videos, vampire books (thanks to Erik for THE BEAST WITHIN!), tolerable roommates, loss of work time, dislike of people, drums, RPG characters, and more. It was cool – I *may* have done something I normally wouldn’t, but I was kinda busy holding a laptop. Maybe next time, and that’s all the warning you’re gonna get! 😛 (also rocked out to the Dropkick Murphys on the way home – SWEET!) Right now, Corey is wondering why the heck Samuel L. Jackson was cast as some white guy – how should *I* know?! (also, Kempy added me to Facebook – yay for Spoz being our mutual friend, and Fuzzy Red Records!)

[01:41:19] Flami: the hamsterette: guess what I watched tonight
[01:41:29] Corey: [*insert disgusting suggestion here*]
[01:41:43] Flami: (and if you say HQVID or anything similar, I’m going to kill you)
[01:41:48] Flami: *kills you*
[01:42:59] Corey: [*insert some TMI about porn here*]
[01:43:04] Corey: you’d love it!
[01:43:12] Corey: so what did you watch then????
[01:44:13] Flami: ….. please tell me you’re kidding….
[01:46:58] Flami: the hamsterette: watched IRON MAN the movie
[01:51:05] Corey: I am not kidding at all 😛
[01:51:38] Flami: do I want to know how you learned this? 😛
[01:51:43] Corey: so did you catch the reference to War Machine, who will likely be in the sequel since he said “nah… maybe next time”? 😛
[01:51:59] Corey: how can you have been on the Internet for this long and not heard of this stuff? 😛
[01:52:11] Flami: ask someone else, not me 😛
[01:52:33] Corey: you didn’t watch it??? 😛
[01:53:48] Corey: Rhodes, the black guy that was an army dude of some sort, I think, is War Machine… which is basically just Iron Man with black and grey armor 😛 in one scene, Iron Man flies off and Rhodey sees a second Iron Man suit and hesitates and then says “… maybe next time…”, and leaves 😛
[01:54:09] Corey: except Iron Man will probably be in the Avengers movie next, not in his own sequel, so who knows
[01:55:15] Flami: no… I was answering your question about “how can you be on the Internet for this long?”
[01:55:38] Flami: apparently, some guy named Fury was in the movie for like 20 seconds at the end
[01:56:21] Corey: Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I don’t remember that… but there was someone from SHIELD in it that was following Iron Man around
[01:56:30] Corey: Nick Fury has an eye patch and smokes a cigar
[01:56:34] Corey: I don’t remember that
[01:57:29] Flami: Samuel L. Jackson, I think
[01:57:39] Flami: yeah… that Agent guy
[02:05:51] Corey: Samuel L. Jackson isn’t in that movie!
[02:06:12] Corey: and Nick Fury is white
[02:06:19] Corey: the black guy in the uniform was Rhodes, which I already told you 😛
[02:06:41] Flami: get the video – go past the end credits.
[02:06:49] Corey: the SHIELD guy is at the end, and he helps Tony Stark cover up that he’s Iron Man, but then he goes and tells everyone he’s Iron Man at the end anyway
[02:06:59] Corey: I might have it on my laptop 😛
[02:07:03] Flami: and yes, I know
[02:07:14] Corey: probably deleted it though, but I have it somewhere
[02:07:27] Corey: nope, not on here
[02:08:54] Corey: actually… I should have it on my other computer 😛 which I can get to over the network (I’m downstairs :P)
[02:09:20] Flami: SNEAKY! *thumbs-up*
[02:09:27] Corey: okay, here we go
[02:09:49] Corey: but it’s rared, so I can’t get to the file without unraring it 😛 crap
[02:10:25] Corey: I’ll see if it works, but the network is usually too slow for that
[02:11:32] Corey: well… you’re right, it is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. (according to IMDB)
[02:11:41] Corey: he goes into a bar and talks about forming a team or something?
[02:12:01] Corey: that was in Hulk
[02:12:16] Corey: and why the hell is Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury???
[02:12:54] Corey: that’s Nick Fury
[02:13:06] Corey: current head of SHIELD, formerly of Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, which was from WWII, I think………..
[02:13:44] Flami: how should *I* know why he’s Nick Fury?
[02:14:01] Corey: pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t match the visual on that one…
[02:14:21] Corey: they didn’t get enough complaints when they made Kingpin a black guy in Daredevil?
[02:14:58] Flami: I have no idea
[02:15:06] Corey: that doesn’t mean a black guy can’t play that type of role… but with Kingpin, they totally changed his personality to be a black thug type guy… and with Sam Jackson, they’ll definitely change it to fit his style…
[02:15:25] Corey: doesn’t look like the character, doesn’t act like the character… so don’t flippin’ do it 😛
[02:15:40] Corey: that’s a classic character, and it would be cool if they did it right 😛
[02:20:54] Corey: then if you complain about things like that online, you get called a racist. I see it as making a movie where Superman has a green cape or something 😛 everyone would complain about that
[02:24:35] Flami: for sure, for sure…
[02:25:44] Flami: some elements of it reminded me of 24
[02:31:44] Flami: must have been the terrorists, torture, and the cave
[02:34:55] Corey: go watch the movie Three Kings, then
[02:36:01] Corey: I don’t think it’s much like 24, but it does have the torture in caves type vibe 😛 it’s about three US soldiers in the Gulf War (first one, not this one), who find out where a stash of Saddam Hussein’s gold is hidden and go off to find it
[02:38:21] Corey: well, I just looked up the Nick Fury movie (which I didn’t know was in the works) and the message board for it on IMDB is full of people screaming racism at people that complain that they changed the character……….
[02:38:52] Corey: “The Original Nick Fury Was Black, You Racist Pigs”
[02:38:58] Corey: “Nick Fury was NOT originally black. When the comic came out in 1963, he was a white guy.”
[02:41:48] Corey: IMDB message boards are stupid, though… EVERY movie’s board has people screaming about how racist the movie is… EVERY ONE 😛 I think most of them are just trolls to get people worked up, but I bet a lot of them are real…….
[02:46:04] Flami: oh dear… why I am not surprised?
[02:57:20] Corey: however, I did see that the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury is black, and Sam Jackson fits that version perfectly. I haven’t read much Ultimate stuff, so I forgot about that. I still think it’s a bit dumb to change him in that too, but that’s an alternate universe, so it’s okay… the regular one is still in the regular comics.
[02:57:45] Corey: Ultimate is an alternate universe that reboots a lot of the hero stories and kind of modernizes them
[02:58:01] Corey: but, that’s alongside the regular comics, not in place of them 😛
[02:58:40] Corey: the movies do kind of tend to lean toward the Ultimate style, so I guess it fits, but I still think they shouldn’t change the character for the movies 😛 Nick Fury is cool
[02:59:41] Corey: someone on there suggested Michael Biehn with an eyepatch to play him.. that would be about perfect if he put white streaks in his hair, and could talk a little gravely

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