I’m feeling better since Dylan can listen!

Bingo of the night so far:

MISDROVE (78 points) – against James H.

High-scoring words of the night so far:

VERBENA (192 points) – against Jill M. [two 4W]
DRYAD (350 points) – against Jamshed A. [two 5W]
OVOID (144 points) – against Billie E. [two 4W]
AMBER (28,125 points) – against Billie E. [five 5W] {different game}

Discussed star power and technique / metal / ROCK BAND / Bon Jovi / crack with Corey… also missed a phone call from Dylan. That I shall return, because it’s IMPORTANT! Talked about Committee stuff, Kevin, Johnny, personal issues, being perceptive of the BIG picture, small groups, and programs. You bet I’m in for next year with more people! (interesting mix, hehe) I feel better now that I’ve talked it out, even in an oblique way. I will NOT let it ruin things! He’s easy to talk to, and he does listen!

These radio shows are freaking me out, man. Dead people calling from the cemetery, and listening in to people plotting your own murder from a wrong number?! I know these are suspense shows and all, and it’ll get worse in OCTOBER… but I guess maybe I’m easily scared! 😛 [the TWILIGHT ZONE!]

Jon also just sent us an email: sure, I’m in for helping poor Jeremy with his injury! I’ll even help cook on Birthday Wednesday! Curry, cheese, chili, mushroom soup, stew, things that freeze easily, and other things that translate into a lot of leftovers will all be good ideas! (good times too!)

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