I don’t sense a THEME here… is there a POINT?!

High-scoring words of the night so far:

MAX (300 points) – against Pat K. [two 5W]
GHOST (5625 points) – against Alice P. [four 5W]
PRESENT (288 points) – against Mai N. [2W, two 4W]

Eric picked me up, and I updated him on certain things while he complained about people driving. Then we discussed random things, being “evil,” the hockey pool draft being tomorrow at 7 AM (Chris can’t do it on Sunday at 6 because of church), and songs. We wandered in late, but got seats near Billy, Danny, Martin, and other CSC people. Eric took attendance on the back of an offering envelope, and was being silly when he characterized me as EVIL. The speaker was… very random and confusing. Christon sat by us later (tipsy), and was able to share our confusion. (“Why is he telling us this? I don’t get the point!” “You’re not the only one – you missed the part when he told us that he had a kid made in Hong Kong, but born in the States!”)

Then there was the part where he told some people to sing foreign songs… the first two lines of SILENT NIGHT, and some other thing?! Later, there was some all-Cantonese video featuring some girl who apparently found purpose in life through wall climbing. Her coach figured she was in really good shape, so got her to compete in a beauty pageant! (she had all these piercings before) We were mystified: Eric wanted me to translate for him, but I just couldn’t! The whole talk was supposed to be about FAMILY – we didn’t get it; Christon thought the speaker translating stuff was hilarious! (“How do you get a lot of descendants?” “PASSION! SPREAD YOUR SEED!” “Dreams can CHANGE THE WORLD!” “… hey guys, is this a self-motivational seminar?!”)

Talked to Tony, Ivan, Sam, Joey, and others later about the hockey pool. Someone wondered whether we’d do something for Tony’s birthday; “Green Lettuce Indian Chinese Style!” We could go to the bar, but the funny thing with THAT would be Tony’s non-drinking! I wanted to talk to Raymond, but couldn’t – maybe on Sunday! Laughed at Dianne and Jon trying to speak Cantonese to each other: “bridging the gap” COULD be translated as “together,” haha! Grace and I talked briefly about our weeks, and then I talked to Danielle about tomorrow’s thing. Went outside after a bit to discuss training, school, October church programs, construction, this being the last program ever here, and other stuff with Kevin and Vanessa. The ride home was all right – Jon gave me a late birthday card: “You were sent from HEAVEN to be my sister – wonder what you did to get kicked OUT!” Hahaha.

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