Bunnies do NOT belong in vegetable soup!

Why did I have a dream that involved Candace and Drew housing their bunny Dolce in a bowl of vegetable soup?! Phil was there to help me look after a bunch of kids; Brian and Padraic were resourceful and helped our other friends with computer issues. Odd!

Hey, Candy’s package arrived just now! Has a card with cute dogs, a beautiful Guardian Angel keychain, letter stickers, and acid-free bubble stickers: sweet! šŸ˜€

Sternest Meanings is an anagram site. Let’s see what I get if I put in text:

webuser: flamsterette_x
sternest: Exert fat smelt.
webuser: my name is leslie
sternest: Is seemly menial.
webuser: my name is flamsterette_x
sternest: Maltreatments if sexy me.
webuser: palmer stevens
sternest: Prevalent mess.

Hmm. Amusing, yet bad at the same time!

Sarah Palin Name Generator: What would YOUR name be if you were born to Sarah Palin?!

Me: Hunger Tallest Palin
Eric: Crust Scramble Palin
Eunice: Churn Scorpion Palin
Jon: Mounty Bat Palin
Steph: Flex Gunship Palin
Jeremy’s full name: Chisel Dustup Palin
Jeremy’s first and last name only: Skein Chug Palin
Raymond: Loin Falcon Palin

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Name Generator

Me: Duchess Cold Shower
Sister: Marchioness Runs-with-the-Bulls

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