It’s tricky to move! / Trocadero’s background shot

Bingo of the day so far:

TICKLERS (64 points) – against Sara H.

High-scoring words of the day so far:

HOLDER (160 points; 4W), MINNOW (183 points; two 4W, plus a hook off SPAYED) – against Sara H.
HEBE (144 points) – against Russ W. [two 4W]

Firefox just had an error for the first time since Thursday or Friday… hmm. I was talking to Barry and Billie about moving – I saw this place on Craigslist for $750 a month. Ultimately, I decided that I couldn’t pay rent at two places. Too bad, since it’s a GREAT price! [I don’t want mice OR bedbugs, if possible!] It’s tricky, finding a place! (trusting that I’ll find a place by October 1 within certain parameters?) Apparently, bedbugs come when you make your bed – if you leave it unmade, it fends them off. (according to some study that Billie read, at least!)

Hey, Vania tagged a photo of me on Facebook from the grad banquet! Guess Johnny and I were in the background, heh. Rich is just aghast over some photo on Vivian’s digicam, haha. (renaming photos on Photobucket: click on the photo!) Speaking of the grad banquet, I should have gotten someone to take a stand-alone picture of me… darn!

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