Of COURSE he’s in the way! What did you expect?!

Bingos of the day thus far:

EXTRANET (69 points) – against Dennis M.
OUTROARS (68 points) – against Christine L.

High-scoring words of the day thus far:

VETO (112 points) – against Michael M. [two 4W]
MISLAY (205 points) – against Blair A. [two 4W]
QIS (48 points) – against Erica C. [2W, plus hook off KIVA]
JAKE (60 points) – against Steve L. [4W]
LATENED (64 points; 4W, 2W), HOCK (52 points; 4W), REINCUR (352 points; 2W and two 4W) – against Christine L.
OY (30 points; 2W, plus Y hook off MARL), FET (2W and 4W), HIE (56 points; 4W and 3L on H) – against Angela V.
PITHY (52 points) – against Dennis M. [4W]
TOLLED (448 points) – against Pat K. [three 4W]
PAYEES (176 points; two 4W), EXEC (416 points; 2W and two 4W), VENIN (256 points; two 4W) – against Stan C.
VEGANS (160 points; two 4W), LAWED (191 points; two 4W, plus a E hook off ZIN) – against John M.
BUTEO (296 points) – against Russ W. [4W and three 2W]
LAXER (207 points) – against Russ W. [different game; two 4W, plus hooks off ZIP]
ANNEX (768 points) – against Liz T. [three 4W]
OX (34 points) – against Sharon V. [3L on X, hooking to make EX and OX]

I had a series of weird dreams last night when I went to bed. Here are some of the highlights:

* Billie and I were talking about a whole lot of stuff while having Persian food. Suddenly, we were whisked to a room where we saw a bunch of things going around on conveyor belts. A bunch of our friends joined us, and we had to pick certain items off the belts to be used later. The purpose of the items wasn’t explained, but we used the pans and CDs and random crap for defeating a barrier in the building! Then we logged into a random message board, where I had three private messages waiting for me. After I replied to one of them, I had three MORE! YIKES!

* I was chosen by THE TIME MAGE to travel to the year 2200; I’d be someone’s clone in the far future. It wasn’t really like Jetson Land (although that was set in an unspecified future year), but it wasn’t like what everyone prognosticated would happen in the year 2000 and beyond, either! The clone thing went along okay for a while, but then we knew the jig was up when I was discovered hiding in an alcove. I cringed, knowing that I’d be sent back to my own time. Little did I know what awaited me there…

* I went somewhere with my family and friends in a huge van. Mom got mad at me for no reason, and poured green tea on my pink jacket, which I was wearing at the time. I borrowed a giant stein of beer from Jeremy, and poured THAT over her head in retaliation! She crumpled to the floor, dead. Then we all went to church…

* We were playing in the pews when Uncle Richard and my dad came by, cleaning up. I asked Uncle Richard how Pauline was doing: “Oh, she’s FINE! She’s living in Toronto and has two kids!” [if I told Eunice about that, she’d laugh!] Since we were blocking the cleaning operation, we went downstairs. Lo and behold, Korey was waiting for us. He was on his cell phone, talking to Eric and telling him more things than any of the rest of us ever knew. (“Why is he telling him more stuff than he tells US?! Doesn’t he know who we ARE?! We are his NERVE CENTRE, dammit!”)

* I had to go back upstairs, and tried convincing K to help. He couldn’t / wouldn’t, so I had to drag a pillow / blanket set down a ladder by myself while everyone else kept an eye on him. When I returned, I simply dropped the stuff around him. He said he was going to take a shower, and tried gathering me into his arms. I didn’t want to get into that in front of everyone, so I focused my attention on a LED display instead. There was an announcement from Eric that kept scrolling: “YOU TWO SHOULD HAVE NO SUGAR FOR AT LEAST THREE HOURS. THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THIS REQUIREMENT? DON’T FIGHT, EITHER!” Everyone looked at that and laughed – I had to join in, haha. We all knew what “no sugar” meant… no kissing! Hahaha, what an end to a wacky dream!

No idea what triggered those, really. Now I’m fielding an email from Dan, remembering a profound statement that someone told me recently (“There are always people that lend a helping hand. Sometimes the salt in tears make us blind to see that.”), looking at various photos from camp, telling Michelle about grad banquet / asking her about crazy rap music and stuff (NETSPEAK – NOOOOOO!), and reflecting on adventures. I’ll be fine! (and I had to laugh when I saw Pho 99’s takeout menu in my mail today, haha – Alexandra Road, indeed…) Must get DIBS next time I shop!

Edit: The computer restarted for the first time since Thursday or Friday… hmm. The words in my current game with George kinda make a sentence: “The mermen for key values snort baa.”

Two comical mishearings from last night:

1. Me: So what are you taking in the fall?
Adam: I’m going to SFU, and I’m taking science classes!
Me: … I thought you said DANCE!
Andrew: Hahaha, no. I’d be more likely to take that!
Adam: It’s SO TRUE since you like hip-hop!

2. Me: It’s true that there are certain fallacies in my logic. I know this very well.
Eric: Did you say what I thought you said?
Jon: Flower seeds?! … oh, FALLACIES. I could see “many flower seeds,” actually!

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