Watermelon and mint are sure refreshing!

Bingo of the day so far:

OUTERWEAR (63 points) – against Danny M.

I came across this in my Bizarre News subscription today:

NEW PLYMOUTH, New Zealand – A New Zealand Family Court judge has removed a 9-year-old girl from her parents’ custody after her name was revealed as Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt ruled at the hearing in the city of New Plymouth for the child to be temporarily placed under the guardianship of the court to allow for a name to be chosen that doesn’t give the girl a “social disability,” the Taranaki Daily News reported Friday. “It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap,” he said of the name. The court was told the girl, whose birth was not officially registered in New Zealand, refused to tell her name to her friends.

Very stupid parents!

Heh, all I can remember of my dream is someone cool grinning at me in reassurance – now there’s something I can live with! 😉

Went to meet Jon at the townhouse, but he has to do something with Holly – Eric will pick me up at around 6, which sounds good to me. Apparently, duck is on the menu for tonight, and I’ll probably see Ray also. SWEET! Mom made us some watermelon-mint smoothies while advising Jon about oregano: cool stuff! Saw some beer Pretz on the table, so I told her that it didn’t contain real beer, haha. I’ll take the Pringles Select chips with me as my contribution.

In my current game with George M., some of the words make passable sentences: “Rain taxing dry skies. Auto tempo sure foxier.” That is quirky, haha. Also, Grandma just mistook some European licorice for chocolate – I had her eat a piece to prove it wasn’t a derivative of cacao. 😉

Edit: Why the heck does my mom’s computer postdate the entries I make on it in JULY to October?! Very stupid. Thank goodness for the “incorrect time value / error updating journal” alert in LJ! Oh, the computer clock is set to October – very crazy! And the wireless here at the townhouse is proving to be very much a source of FRUSTRATION since it constantly goes in and out! (100+ times this afternoon alone!)

Grandma, on my boyfriend: “Does your boyfriend ever visit?”
Me: “Not right now.”
Grandma: “Why not?” [probably thinking he’s the worst boyfriend in the world]
Me: “He’s at his friend’s house.”
Grandma: “He doesn’t have a HOUSE?!”
Me: “Yes… he’s there for a wedding.”
*she is very confused, haha!*

(a little later) “That person hasn’t arrived yet to pick you up! What is wrong with gwei jie?” Eric is FINE, man… he’s just late as usual! 😀

“Will you be the only girl at Bearded Man’s house? I guess so, since nobody has girlfriends yet!” HAHAHA!

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