Holding hands at church, oh my! / DQ amusement / SURVEY NOSTALGIA!

Bingos of the day:

UREDINIA (64 points) – against Chantal F.
ERODIBLE (63 points) – against Mel G.
OUTSTAY (77 points) – against Marla S. [across a triple-word score!]
DOORYARD (74 points) – against Matt H.

I had a weird dream where a group of friends and I were in a crazy elevator. It went up a few floors to the 101st, then plummeted us back down to the 15th. We were transported to a mountainside where we saw a bloody nanny goat on the road… Eric said it reminded him of spaghetti! Then we went to church, where Andrea and Maisie were setting up a sparse service which not many people attended. Raymond was there, and it felt right for him to hold Felicia’s hand when he sat willingly beside her. Jon came in after he and his friends went shopping at the Bay for Christmas ornaments.

It was a very surreal Christmas service, with the Awana Choir singing their (in real life) TIME song. (“Time, time, God’s good time… everything happens in God’s good time…”) There was a dinner with Rachel which was announced in the green bulletin, but there was also a LOT of blank space where the announcement text should have been! My sister opined that the bulletin people were too old to do that anymore, haha. Interesting dream, and I’m not sure I can relate it to anything going on in my life right now!

Yesterday, I re-read a bunch of very old survey answers / SDMB threads (2001-2003) from various people. Makes me wonder where some of them are doing now, and makes me think of the others… Adam R. (jackelope), Adam F. (Res), Sarah M. (lel), Spoz, Kempy, Stuckey, Terrence, Jemima, Kate, Steph, Jon, Rachel, Sarah Rowlett, Mike C., Darren M., Vania, Christine, Phil C., Phil Y., Alan, Eric M., Gilbert, etc.

Eric thinks my computer has a virus, or that there’s something wrong with the motherboard. Man, that sucks… I know the computer likes restarting a LOT lately, and did before. But it did stay on for about 24 hours the other day… o_O

I read a Stephen Covey self-help book about trust and behavior: did you know it’s possible to behave yourself back into love? It’s also reasonable to behave lovingly toward people, and show them that they’re important. Hmm… food for thought!

Hung out with my grandma today – she asked what I wanted for lunch besides muffins. To amuse myself, I told her that I’d have rice. (she thinks rice is a dinner-only food, and noodles are for lunch only) We ended up going to Dairy Queen for a fish burger, two cheeseburgers, Pepsi, and a hot water. Saw a lot of rowdy teenagers from the local high school – figures I’d use Yazmine’s phraseology for them! Grandma wasn’t impressed by the explanation I gave her about poutine (“it’s cheese and fries!”), thought I should change it up by having a variety of burgers instead of just two cheeseburgers, and seemed to believe the picture of popcorn shrimp was chicken. She wondered why I didn’t get fries, but I’ve had enough fries over the past few days to last me for some time! As usual, the language barrier prevented me from explaining that to her properly… but I amused myself by referring to a mythical creation of durian fries, haha.

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