Consoling lounges / Dallas / "SportsChek" / Cigarette dreams

Bingos of the day so far:

PUERPERA (59 points) – against Josephine S.
CONSOLER (72 points) – against Matt H.
LOUNGERS (66 points) – against Chris N.
ABLEGATE (65 points) – against Mel G. [girl]

Jon says he and Dallas might drop by in the afternoon to drop off some of his stuff after a late lunch (NOW?!) and before dinner. Sounds good to me if they call me later… of COURSE we’re allowed to use the rock to keep the front door open! I got another phone call asking if this were SportsChek (a local sports equipment store) – nope, and I haven’t knowingly had any of these calls in months! (yay for turning the ringer off! :P) Thanks to what Eric told me two years ago, I know that these people are merely reaching too high when they dial a number. I know Adela tried to help years ago, too – now, she’s moved to Hong Kong for a new job for a public relations firm that starts on May 2.

Interesting life vagaries… I also had a weird dream which featured my brother lighting up cigarettes after eating a big meal, and Margaret K. just staring off into space when people tried to ask her questions. What the heck is wrong with me?! o_O

Auntie Grace sent me a message on Facebook to say that Trevor Linden, Ross Rebagliati, and other local celebs would be around for a BC Cancer Foundation Westside Cycling Classic media pep rally tomorrow afternoon. That sounds pretty interesting! I can’t bring myself to drop the courtesy title of “Auntie” when she signs her messages “Grace” – although I did that for a time with Auntie Eva, Uncle Hansel, and Auntie Cathy. Guess it’s the tradition of respect for your elders, still ingrained in me, and very much a good thing! (I can just imagine if I just dropped all courtesy titles with my parents’ friends on the weekend – NOT GOOD, as someone I know likes to say!)

Edit at 1702: Jon and Dallas have showed up with cookware, butter, Alfredo / sundried tomato Classico pasta sauce, garlic spread, Buddha jackfruit, Becel margarine, relish, knapsacks, suitcases, boxes, (sea) salt, steak spice, Jif peanut butter, chiles, Kleenex, baskets, and other things not necessarily related to cooking. Yup, Mom could use some too – but for now, I’ll take everything! Of course it’s hot in here – I’ve heard it said that my place is like a sauna, heh.


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