Free travel seminars!

Bingos of the night:

ANHNEALER (61 points) – against Emily N.
DAINTIER (70 points) – against Rose G.

Hey, Sabrina and Auntie Grace added me to Facebook – Dave’s mom even sent me a message thanking me for the add, haha. Talked a bit to Mom earlier about Dallas moving, Flime, locking / unlocking doors, increased prices at Master Hong’s BBQ House, Uncle Alan and Auntie Polly’s travel seminar, Wednesday, and other things. Free beige / orange vests?! Hmm. Will need to think about that. Now I’m talking to Corey about laundry, Jane, accidents, and more – always good to talk to him! Mentioned to Steph that Jeremy should bring his homebrew to Jen’s dinner… at least she’s bringing her own car! I need to look at Vanessa’s Evite to see who can give me a ride from the Awana outing that week! Poor Andrew has too many projects – of COURSE he knows I’ll help! 😀


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