Hmm, I think my feelings have changed!

Spent an interesting day with the K-Man: talked about Jon / Harmony, cereal, noodles, Karen Lew, Vivian Lew, Karen Choo, Vivian S., context, compliments, “our songs,” and many other things. Went to Eric’s to watch the Phoenix hockey game (which we won 3-1), and while K watched the Pussycat Dolls on TV, I looked at Eric’s pictures of his cousin’s baby Isabel (seven months with a good name!) – he also had photos of Uncle Daniel’s computer innards, haha. (GIGABYTE is a company!) Had Cornish pastries and vegetable pies courtesy of Veronica – she even gave us some chocolate hearts “for the lovebirds,” hehe. Afterwards, Eric kindly took us to Save-On Foods so I could get some stuff: thank goodness I had just enough money for garbage bags and things like that! (discussed exaggeration, Eric’s fingernails, hockey plays, high-fives for goals, Heidi the cat, messenger bags, etc.) I know for a fact that K loves me! I like cuddling with him, that’s for sure. At home, I talked to Karen since she’d called twice: we’ll get together next week instead of this week!

Thinks I seriously cheat at Scrabble just because I cover up the triple-word scores… haha, no. Says he likes WWE divas: I can kinda believe that Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and others are still around! Candice Michelle does show courage in coming back from a brain injury, and some other girl had fractured her clavicle. Some guy named Santino even poured Coke all over Jerry, and took his Subway sandwich: Jared Fogle was at the match, haha. I was way too tired to get up when Korey called me to the computer once – Lisa wanted to talk to me, apparently. Maybe next time!


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