Dorcas is dead! No, she’s ALIVE! / Food!

I had a weird dream where I was checking Facebook, and saw that Dorcas’ status had changed from being alive to being DEAD! After taking some time to recover from the shock, I immediately called Bill Y. and Troy, who showed up wearing their hockey jerseys. We combed the city looking for Dorcas’ body and evidence, but failed to collect even one shred. Then we got the word from Dave P. that our witchy boss-lady wanted to see us because apparently Dorcas was big news. With trepidation, we went to the Morbid Castle to meet the despairing countess.

She summoned us into her office, and said that Dorcas was alive. After reaming us out, she produced proof in the form of Dorcas herself. (we went to a room where there were cafeteria-style tables) Dorcas came in with a female friend, and said that living under an assumed alias had been hard the last couple of days. She and her friend had gone to Burger King at 11:30 for lunch, but had to leave since they couldn’t be incognito in this town. I told them that perhaps I should have checked Dorcas’ profile first to see if any condolence messages were filling up the wall.

She said that the “dead” thing was a joke – I apologized, and said I knew how that could be. “I have a friend who’s Internet married to her best friend Suzanna! Other friends of mine are similar – they’re only engaged in the Internet sense!” Of course, I didn’t say anything about how it was a lesbian Internet thing, or that it was wrong – I knew the morbid countess would have something to say about that, since she had a girlfriend! After everyone left except for me, the countess put in a report to a detective, and said she’d drive me home since Dorcas and everyone else had walked home! The dream ended right about then!

Hmm. I know the Comtesse Despair of the Morbid Fact du Jour newsletter is a lesbian, and that Farrah IS “married” to Suzanna on Facebook. Other than that, I don’t know what could have triggered this… it couldn’t have been the very brief discussion I had with my sister about Alan Pang knowing Dorcas! (and it certainly wasn’t my checking Facebook updates!) Very weird… and no, this has nothing to do with Acts 9:36-42 where Tabitha (aka Dorcas) was raised from the dead by Paul. 😛

Note to self: Tell Megan C. that my boyfriend knows her friend Alison. Small world, indeed!

Hey, Grace tagged me in this photo! For the full photo album of Melia’s bridal shower from Michelle’s camera, go here.

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