I talked to Corey tonight over MSN, finally. He wondered why Eric didn’t put Windows XP on the computer before, and said that everything (including Vista) is my fault and not Microsoft’s. Thanks, dude… love you, too. “It’s all your fault since you didn’t tell all the hardware companies to make Vista drivers, and you’re probably behind Scientology too!” I get enough of that from Eric, thanks! “Well, maybe you should stop causing all the problems of the world, and people wouldn’t say that! :D”

Said that Windows should simplify things a bit more, and told me that there was a SOUND JUICER for playing CDs on Linux – sure, I find this out the night before I change operating systems! At least I know how to use Linux / Ubuntu for my own purposes if I ever find myself using Jeremy’s computer again! (gotta get used to comparatively slow Firefox again over Swiftfox, even if I do have RAM now!) “At least you’ll have it back soon, just in time to be out of date since it’s not Vista! 😀 The main problem is that not everything works right on it… which is actually not Microsoft’s problem, since other companies should be writing drivers for their stuff in Vista.”

But that means I can use Bookworm, Scrapdog’s comments meme program, Trillian, Excel, FreeRam XP Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Tri-Peaks, AVG, Spybot, Ad-Aware, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Spyware Blaster, Winamp, the Gmail notifier, and other things reliably again once I install them – sweet! I hope the Bookworm crack works from the virtual hard drive… good thing I made a list of stuff before Windows crashed! I’ll miss being able to easily move things around on the taskbar, AND the autosave feature of Tomboy Notes, however… oh well, I can use Gmail drafts or LJ update drafts (since that’s faster) for that, haha! Then again, I might not have to use Notepad a whole lot against the browser possibly disappearing while I am typing stuff into text fields! Now I’m signing off MSN for the week; I’ve got my main stuff down, heh.

Steph emailed me and Jon to say that Jocelyn W. wants her to say hello to us from Japan! Wow! She also gave us her email address, which is the same as I remember from years ago. Sweet stuff! 😀

(11:05:17 PM) Corey: well, Lent is retarded unless you use it to actually accomplish something in your life……… like, not smoking anymore, or something you should probably not be doing. that goes quadruple when you’re not even Catholic
(11:05:40 PM) Corey: I thought it was like a week. and a feast day? what the? if you get a break in the middle, then that’s extra stupid
(11:06:22 PM) Corey: “don’t do that, it will build character! oh well… since you shouldn’t be doing that, but it sucks to not do it… go do it anyway for a while, then go back to not doing it because God hates us when we have fun, so remember to make yourself miserable”
(11:07:56 PM) Corey: instead of doing silly nonsense like that, why don’t big groups of people get together and find bad things in the world and work together to fix them or something? that would actually make sense and be useful
(11:10:50 PM) Flami: true, true… it’s a celebration day, maybe… I wish I knew more about this
(11:20:58 PM) Corey: uh, what? you don’t even understand it? but you’re putting up with this for a whole month? what is wrong with you? 😛
(11:22:32 PM) Flami: I do understand the principle behind it…
(11:23:30 PM) Corey: yeah, it builds character, because apparently not having fun makes you a better person? oookay 😛
(11:24:54 PM) Corey: most Western religions are all about never having any fun, and pretending that lame stuff is fun because you can’t have any real fun 😛 and Islam is like that too, but a million times worse… I cannot comprehend why anyone would willingly put up with that. it doesn’t make any sense at all to deny yourself things. hence, why I don’t go to church anymore, because it was totally lame.
(11:25:51 PM) Corey: my sister goes to church now because her boyfriend goes to church… she’s apparently caught the stupid virus, because she didn’t seem to care about that stuff before. also: his family is incredibly weird and they never leave the house or talk to other people, and are against almost all forms of fun or spending money….
(11:26:00 PM) Corey: because… they’re incredibly religious
(11:26:06 PM) Corey: and she thought they were nuts
(11:26:23 PM) Corey: yet now she goes to church with them because they’re too dumb to see where that behavior came from in the first place
(11:28:39 PM) Corey: it really would be nice if people woke up and decided to do useful things instead of believing in magic.. then the world might actually because a nice happy place where people care about people and not some strict system of things they’re not allowed to do 😛 but apparently people enjoy being denied things left and right, because they’re dumb or something

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