Invisible ice can be very treacherous!

Jon picked me up this morning, and I was immediately semi-comforted by the weird semi-familiar music he had on in the car because it sounded like something he’d put on during a recent Sunday Dinner. For my own amusement, I asked Grandma whether she liked it: “Eh… I can listen to it… it doesn’t matter if I like it.” Then we attempted to explain Wu-So-Lo’s bike to her, asked if she’d like to go ice skating / skiing, and learned that she did DA-PI and went on a bike to the beach when she was a student. When we reached 33rd, police cars were blocking it off AND there was yellow police tape up: later, we learned that a 16-year-old boy had been stabbed to death in the park. Steph (who’d been sleeping over at Vanessa’s) said that it must have happened / the police got on the scene in the ten or fifteen minutes after Dad had sailed through that intersection – interesting, but not COOL necessarily.

Got to church and was okay in the negligible snow. Said hi to Lily and Lee; also waved to their daughter Hannah. Later, I was amused because there was one Hannah in each of the first three rows. (baby Hannah, Priscilla’s sister, and Pastor John’s daughter) Eric arrived at 10:20, well after Steph had told Emily how to press buttons on her laptop, and after she’d told Stanley that she got more and more artistic every day. Steph also fixed my knapsack strap for me – thanks! Thought about trust and other things, while waving to various people. Darren was back, so everyone asked him what he was doing in Vancouver… we all like Ireland’s idea of two-week semester breaks, haha. (later, Cindy said “You’re HERE!” which Darren termed as positive since everyone else asked “What are YOU doing here?!”)

After service, I should have stayed inside. Instead, I went outside and had almost made it to the back parking lot when I slipped and fell on some invisible ice. Martin, Dylan, Raymond, and Calla were ten feet in front of me talking about stuff, but I assume they didn’t see me. So I picked myself up while silently cursing the weather, then turned around to go back inside. (Steph was sad later when she heard about this) Auntie Sarah W. (Jason and Amos’ mom – this is important later in terms of differentiation) had seen me, and asked if I was okay – yup, and now I was going back inside! Talked briefly to Juliana at the front door before going to the kitchen to hang out with my mom, who was trying to sell coffee / hot chocolate. Unfortunately, Steph had forgotten to make an announcement to that effect! (Daniel’s Resonate announcement had the added charm of little Megan saying hi, haha)

I told Mom that I wouldn’t go outside again, but peeked out the back door instead. Emily L., Cordia, Quan, Joyce, and Stanley came by while Rich told Mom that the people hanging around outside were too young for coffee or were going to the 7-11 anyhow. (like Auntie Sarah C.’s son Jonathan – who’s in Grade 10 now! Nobody believed it!) Jon hung out for a bit, and tried convincing Emily to have a tea leaf egg (Rich had two)… no, but she WOULD have filtered tea! I asked Stanley how his mom was on his way out: “As annoying as ever!” Haha, nice answer but not really. I had a coffee before Sunday School – since Auntie Fonda is sick, Auntie Bessy had shunted Amanda off to Michelle’s class, where I helped. Johnny was inquisitive, and noted that her picture Bible was in Chinese, Noah talked more than I’ve ever heard him (I think he’s warming up to me!), Evelyn told me about a Broadway Church kiddy concert she’d been to last night (she had a pink glowstick!), Sean was focused on pictures, Bianca told me about a birthday party, and Luke was pretty quiet as usual. Saw little Juliette again, too – Auntie May took her, heh.

After that, we had lunch in the basement. Rice, curry noodles, and beef noodles for three dollars… yay for bottomless plates! Talked to Cindy and Chrystal, and said hi to Uncle Patrick and Auntie Sarah. Steph, Eric, and I were all pretty much disbelieving when Uncle Patrick said that it had snowed five inches in Burnaby this morning since it was sunny in Richmond! Cindy and Dianne had healthy lunches that their dad made (they’re moving in less than a month), and Eric had whole wheat pizza – Jon decided he’d rather have Pho. Discussed Gr. 4 / 7 / 10 / 12 exam assessments, Steph’s birthday party (cooking on a Zion night?), Vanessa, whether we’d seen Randal (not since Sunday School!), digicams, and more. Dad came by to ask if we’d paid yet… we thought Mom was paying for us, haha. No, she isn’t covering Uncle Patrick as well! (all light joking, of course!) Finished lunch really early, so went upstairs to where Darren was bugging Vania by playfully hitting her and trying on her bling diamond sunglasses. People tried to get wireless signal, heh. Steph said she’d email Vivian since they’re AGM buddies. (live chat might not be possible since it’s Monday already in China… she ended up writing on Viv’s Facebook wall that we’d postponed the meeting!)

Sam was playing a hockey game on his laptop, and Mike was on his DS with Jeremy and Ivan looking on. I corrected Eric’s grammar when he was talking about certain players “playing well” – Steph called me the “grammar police,” hahaha! Offered sunflower seeds (which don’t have INTENSE FLAVOR!) all around, only to be informed by Steph that we might need something to spit the shells into. Mike, on this tidbit: “Who spits out the SHELLS?!” Haha, I’d have offered him some, but DS and sunflower seeds do not really mix! I went to the library, where Hannah and Louisa were in the midst of drawing on the whiteboard with Sharpies – Nathan made the mistake of telling his dad that the fish, swords, mermaids, sun, princesses, and such were pure evil, oops. I like the kids’ imagination! Talked to Christon, Martin, Michelle, the guys, and others – hockey pool talk, indeed. Sang a bunch of hymns while helping Eric find them (the traditional time-waster with something new besides THE CHURCH’S ONE FOUNDATION!), but STILL didn’t meet quorum! We were eight people short, which Uncle Patrick and Katherine blamed on the weather – I quickly translated for Eric that we’d meet at the same time next week without quorum requirements, even though the translation was coming. After that, we sat through a “construction project progress report” led by Uncle Ken: wedding bungee-jumping, indeed. Flashlights at 4 AM and bright overhead lights are NOT the wrath of God, haha! Decided to keep the annual reports and financial statements for next week’s reading, heh. (Vania was doing a paper on Confucius – oh my!)

Talked to Karen I. about a cool wedding invitation with a cake gift certificate inside – Indian tradition calls for it too! Said hi to Danielle, while figuring that Darren was maybe a bit nuts since he heard his name when nobody else did. Cindy asked how Korey was, so I told her that he was fine – guess I’ll meet his family at some point, so we’ll see. Then it was MY turn to think I was crazy since I heard my name from just behind me. Turned out to be Randal armed with a camera, and Dianne with a sheet of paper – ah yes, the Barnabas newcomers ministry initiative! Reading and writing make sense as hobbies for me, haha! When Mom heard that Jon was going to the bar (he had to pantomime drinking beer), she looked horrified and offered everyone free coffee instead before she had to throw it away! No, I wasn’t going to the bar this week, heh. Discussed Sudoku, Korey’s next visit, Valentine’s Day and reservations, Awana, Melia’s bridal shower, and more stuff with Steph on the way home. Saw Eric in front of us, too. Interesting times, even if it’s going to be Super Bowl Sunday next week! Now to get to my email…

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