It was basically a ride to the YMCA and back… SNOW!

As Spoz used to say: DAMN YOU, KILLER SNOW! It’ll be here for the next few days, too!

Ada picked me up a little early, but she had to collect her son Sean from swimming at the YMCA. We discussed the snow, but it wasn’t sticking to the ground in Richmond. We crossed the bridge into Vancouver, where we found out that it was a different story there. At the YMCA (with Sean exclaiming “SNOW!”), we decided to just head back home in case the weather got any worse. I gave her Melia’s number to call, and Melia said that it was fine. On the way home, someone called Ada to say that Awana was cancelled fifteen minutes before it was due to start. Probably a good decision, which didn’t surprise us at all. It’s like there’s this demarcation line at around 57th, where the good weather ends and the bad weather (rain / snow) really starts! The further south you go, the better the weather gets! I almost slipped / lost my shoe after exiting the van – yikes! Good thing I had a grip on something: next time, I should wear my sneakers! Time to curl up with a good book, or just relax here in warmth!

Your Pilgrim Name Is

Faith Cushman

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