2008 is here already?!

Happy New Year and 2008, everyone!

As it happened, we didn’t go to Chapters, but stopped by Seraphim instead so Eric could get a Starfield CD for Korey. He was joking about making me go on the escalators at Future Shop – you KNOW why I don’t like escalators! I think that the name Randall looks much better with the double L, as in Black Jack Randall of the OUTLANDER series! (never mind that HE was a BAD GUY!) We went to the Keg, and the estimated 35-minute wait turned into a 10-minute wait at the most! Discussed butter, bread, offers of help with bread and cutting steak when it got there, payment to Eric (I was prepared, so paid him back afterwards), red meat, moisturizer, REJECTED pictures, Santa hats, filets, Caesar salad, prime rib, New York steak, Fred’s sister being rich, Ryan and Alison’s new baby, rum balls, price vs. expense, “feisty” qualities, SAW 5, holding hands, the skills competition on the weekend, joking that I minded watching yet another hockey game, how giving / family-oriented Eric’s parents were (three times the amount of snackage needed?!), and more. When Korey brought up staying away from deep-fried foods, I immediately thought of the #4 (deep-fried shrimp cake) that I’d had on Friday at Pho. Ah well, it was only one time to see what it tasted like since Jon and Jeremy had split an order of those recently at a Sunday lunch!

After that, we went to Eric’s. K cued up UNASHAMED / BETTER MAN / SORRY, and he almost fell asleep while we were holding each other. That made me think of the time Nathan had caught two of his Christian friends cuddling to I COULD SING OF YOUR LOVE FOREVER – SO WRONG! It was nice just to sit by each other and lean against him. I asked him whether he was happy, and he said he was! Then he talked to his cousin and others briefly on MSN, and reassured me that meeting his cousins wouldn’t be that bad. That whole phone incident was months ago, and I truly apologized for that one anyhow! (they aren’t HORRIBLE, but I have to get used to the way they are!) At one point, he asked what the vacuuming sound outside was: the family cleaning up the broken champagne glasses from the tray Ron had been carrying!

Eric was watching CSI, and had a special bread delivery – sweet! Ron and Veronica got home later; we all watched the Calgary hockey game, which we lost 2-1. Korey had to wear a huge Santa hat, and Ron took a picture of us since we matched – so cute. We also watched RUSH HOUR 3 – Paris and “brothers” and cabdriver wannabe spies, oh my! I laughed and had snorts of amusement, and it was nice being able to spend time with people too. Helped K with mints / cookies / his eggnog when he requested it, of course.

Diven looked tired and not that happy, and didn’t really want to call my sister to see what she was doing. He fielded a phone call from Agnes over wireless network / router / password issues, but didn’t want to spend too much time doing that since the hockey game was on then. We told K that Dick Clark had had a stroke, so thank goodness for Ryan Seacrest? Watched Fall Out Boy do a bad cover of Michael Jackson’s BEAT IT, Mariah Carey, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE people, Fergie, will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas), Carrie Underwood, and other such entertainment. Had champagne, and Ron joked that Veronica only got one kiss a year. Stayed till about 12:35, then Eric, K, and I left after warnings to drive safely since people were most likely pickled drunk outside. I had the feeling that everything was fresh and brand new with lights, like I do every New Year’s!


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