We’re not going to steal your purse, Grandma!


Went to take the bus with Grandma and Jon – Big G complained we were rushing her, but the bus waits for nobody! We ended up not taking the one we wanted, but I saw an amusing time discrepancy on one of the bus shelters – it certainly wasn’t 2:44 AM! Jon and I were also amused when Grandma accidentally referred to Harmony as his “boyfriend,” haha. She talked about Uncle Vincent’s mom, wonton houses, the buses being “free” so she could see the downtown lights tomorrow (um…), and some other stuff while Jon and I talked about THE JADE PEONY by Wayson Choy. Sounds like an interesting book! (Chinese experience, baby!)

Met Dad while walking up to Auntie Grace’s building, and we had to tell him to wait to say stuff into the intercom / open the door until someone answered the buzzer. Said hi and Merry Christmas to Dave and Uncle George while Jon and Dave talked about their friends. Watched football (San Diego vs. Denver), DEXTER (killing other serial killers), SPIDER-MAN 2 (which my grandma got into by the comments she was making!), some Discovery Channel show of the world’s biggest rotisserie grill (64 feet and a 280-pound sausage?!), Christmas Eve specials, and other assorted things on the new high-definition TV. Consumed turkey, lemon squares, shrimp, salad, a new Chinese beer, Coke, eggs, meat, and more – definitely a good time! I like gold and sparkly things, but I fear Christmas carols will be in my head ALL DAY TOMORROW – it’s almost over! 😛

Jon had to go to Christ Church Cathedral for a Christmas Eve candlelight service – sounds good. Introduced Dave to sibling affection, much like the free-for-all we had in the Chiangs’ basement once, haha. (“Let’s sit on each other!”) Auntie Grace said that Dave had told her that I had a boyfriend now – yeah, that’s right. Maybe she’ll meet him one of these days, heh. They’d moved stuff around in the apartment for more space – it looks GREAT! Too bad Dave seemed withdrawn, but he misses Tiff. He got into photography recently, though – very good hobby if you know about it, I guess. Auntie Grace gave me a large bag of Doritos to take home – cool. 😀

We noticed how paranoid Grandma was about her purse – I know she sleeps with it under her pillow, but I didn’t expect her to take with her to the dinner table or a few feet over to watch the movie! When we got home, she even took it into the kitchen with her! Uh, we’re not going to steal it! Mom also thought an LJ update page was Facebook – nope. She asked to see my Facebook to make sure I wasn’t putting too much personal info on there – I didn’t let her see it, but I don’t put my phone numbers on there like SOME people I know! Got home and discussed plans for tomorrow (Jon and I need the early car), cookies, dessert, Cindy’s teaching position, Grandma’s very rare hugs, Dawn / Cindy / Steph trying to schedule a dinner, turkey for tomorrow, Boxing Day plans at Melia’s (girly talk and Dutch Blitz!), Grandma’s LOUD radio (not good if you’re trying to sleep in the same / next room!), and more. Had a brief conversation with Korey about friendships with others and love – time for bed!


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