Yay for Chinese Eric wanting to hang out before he goes Stateside for a while!


Mandy (italianbeenher) and Steve (wrathchild) added me to Facebook, and I’ve been chatting with various people via wall comments all day so far. Learned that Michelle CANNOT give me a ride on Saturday because of a meeting at Lesley’s, so who knows – I’ll get back to Chris if Henry doesn’t by Friday / Saturday. (I don’t blame him right now for not getting back to me since he’s sick – BUT he got his sister sick as well!) If not, then my plans for Saturday most likely will change! Interesting stuff, indeed! Eric H. called me when I was occupied with other things, so I called him back. We talked about Fay, relationships, Nathan, Danielle (who emailed me back – I AM AT PEACE!), hanging out before he goes to the States (Thursday night works for me!), food options (no idea), nitpicking, girls being different than guys, surface happiness hiding tension, and his Internet outage which resulted in his not getting my week-old email till just now.

It’s true that you can never really tell how happy a couple really is unless you’re with them 24/7! It’ll be good to hang out with him and chill, update his blog, get him on Facebook so he can add me, etc. I don’t mind if he calls me after work so I can figure out dinner! (white food, maybe… but then I could change my mind!) Candy also just buzzed me to wish me a Happy Halloween – I know this is important to her because of her religion! BUT there is no way I can talk to her unless she’s online – Pidgin and Trillian don’t support offliners!

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