Being in love is a great feeling…. dreaming of browser fairs?!

I had a weird dream that involved a friend getting in bed with Dan and waking up suddenly when she realized that it was the WRONG person! Before, my sister and I were at a craft fair with a lot of tables. We were looking for things from Internet Explorer for Mozilla Firefox, and then she tried to go to the washroom. The washrooms were blocked off by a pile of wood and plungers, so she tried going to the other side. Those were fine, so she told me to hold a pile of blue things and tell Jon where she was. After the fair, we went to see Chrystal and a friend of hers. Interesting dream…

Well, Barry FINALLY called me back, blaming things on his bad memory. At least I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 10:30 – guess I better turn my phone on, since my music alarm is in no way reliable! (now THERE’S an idea for a practical present…) Also, my mom emailed me to say that Grandma’s afraid people will knock on the door tomorrow since it’s Halloween – she and Dad are going to the States, Jon’s sleeping over at Nathan’s, and Steph is helping at the church for Kids’ Night till 10 or so when Margaret will drive her home. At least it’s the AFTERNOON when I can go over – Dairy Queen coupons (which she rendered as “couple” :P) will be good, haha. Good thing I can probably get a ride home with Margaret, too – it’s been ages since she’s been over!

Corey told me that he made his own bubble tea, so I said that I was proud of his accomplishment. He always bugs me about being able to have it whenever he wants, but it does take 40 minutes to prepare at first! But you can just make lots of pearls at a time, using them bit by bit… sounds practical. Jane doesn’t want to send a bunch of heavy tea in her next box, so he had to perfect a recipe – MORE PEARLS! According to Jane, zhen zhu nai cha (珍珠奶茶) is pearl milk tea in Mandarin. Corey had Jamaican pizza for lunch – it had barbecue sauce on it instead of pizza sauce, and actually tasted pretty good. Sounds like an interesting way to make it, that’s for sure. Told him that I was absorbed in too many Facebook applications – AIYA! (pet dragons, Vancouver Canucks, growing gifts / hatching eggs, bookshelves…) Flora, Anthony, and Lawrence added me on there – YAY!

I’m in love with my sweetheart… SO HAPPY AND EXCITED! 😀

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