Please brush your teeth… inside the car?!

There is a LONG Rush song playing now: 20 minutes and 30 seconds, anyone? (beats Iron Butterfly, haha) 2112 Overture rocks, haha.

On the way to Awana, Sean just babbled nonsense except “Church! Go home! Please brush your teeth! Uh-oh! OH NO! Open up!” As Margaret said later when he plowed into her for a hug (he doesn’t recognize her), you can’t understand what he says because of what’s going on in his head. Sometimes I wonder what IS going on in there – ah, to understand the autistic person! Looked at Andrew’s essay prompts (courage in standing alone / life’s surprises / learning) and discussed Egyptians and farming, 300, stupid spelling by a teacher (an extra E in “develops”), money, Awana antenna balls (why sell those to KIDS?!), and jewels with him / Jason / Amos. Anita came by with her eight-month-pregnant belly; Joey, Mike, Auntie Rebecca (who’d heard I was sick – discussed the fun workshops and the interesting recycling one which my brother would have appreciated!), Auntie Vivian, Sabrina, Chris, and I all said hi. Mike jokes that Jeff wants the baby to come out rolling with a mini gun: that would be ONE MEMORABLE birth for everyone involved! (baby rolls around because there’s not enough room to kick!) I saw Michelle and wanted to tell her something, but didn’t – maybe tomorrow or over MSN. Used to be that I saw her online all the time, and now I don’t… weird!

Ada and her family are going to Hawaii for two weeks, so maybe I’ll ask Henry for a ride next week – no Awana on Remembrance Day weekend. We took Rosanna and Samantha home: Samantha thinks the Ducks are LAME (“they didn’t win a trophy!”) and voiced her support of the Canucks as “I hope they win the Grey – I mean, Stanley Cup! They should win this winter season!” I told them that my sister has at least 45 hockey jerseys (explaining them as uniforms for Rosanna), and they were like “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That must cost $1000, and she must be rich! You should ask her how much they cost!” Rosanna came up with ideas on how my sister should decorate her room: “What about hockey stuff on the windows, curtains, ceiling, computer, mousepad, mouse, closets, floor, and closets?!” Their dad apparently looks at cups on eBay, but doesn’t buy any. Very interesting kids, haha. Also discussed brown / black / blue dragonflies, bendy eraser swords, mummy jokes, whistles, buying stuff for brothers, purple people, dyeing your face, white things, favorite colors being blue and purple, Zoe, and joking around. Man, they were all talking to me at once – lovely!

Edit: No Sunday Dinner since Jon is going to the Canucks-Wings game, but people want one… next week it is!

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