Dream of raspberry treats at a heritage house

I seem to be a magnet for weird phone calls today. I got one from Manitoba (the 204 number) and one from Maryland at 410-774-8256. Probably more scammers! Speaking of which, Corey says that one of his wants $100 for an artist to carve words into a sign, as well as a photographer to document the whole thing. Aiya, how exorbitant! I accidentally typed “ho” when I meant “hi” – UGH. I corrected myself, of course – can’t have the other person thinking the wrong thing! Eric called from work, which I’m guessing means a certain intersection for ME! Hey, Jeremy (Sam’s brother) added me to Facebook – COOL!

Had a weird dream which involved Karen and Ivan treating me, Jon, Jer, Amy, Uncle Daniel, Brian, Denise, Margaret, and a bunch of others out to a very nice lunch / tea at a heritage house. Brian and Denise started discussing Facebook, and the rest of us followed suit. While we were eating lots of chocolate / raspberry treats and such, we noticed a bunch of old people sitting around in the library. One of them was my grandma, so we asked what they were doing – waiting for their turn to be introduced to a happy couple. Jon got a phone call from Harmony, who told us that she’d made a connection: someone named Mr. Holland had neglected to include his mom and daughter on a list, so she knew that he would kill them! Then Amy got into a discussion of esoteric religions, and I got annoyed even when she showed us a series of little books on Josephus, Psalm 212, real New Testament books, and Old Testament scrolls. Uncle Daniel accidentally called her “Margaret” when he was trying to explain her passion to me – I wasn’t buying it! I tried calling Harmony using a “1-905-XXX” number, but she wasn’t answering – I told her via voicemail that it was long distance! We went outside and noticed another lineup of people in formal wear and nice clothing like kimonos – they were more important in rank than the old people, and needed to be in the house FIRST! The dream ended when Karen and Ivan were waiting for me in the underground parking lot. No idea why I had that dream!

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