Janina’s Halloween card, dream of driving in a restaurant, dragons

Hey, I got a cute Halloween card from Janina! (mrshannibal) So cool!

I had an odd dream last night which involved Jon, Jeremy, driving around the Bay’s restaurant in a car which nobody seemed to mind, a rockin’ guy on guitar, not wanting to see Victoria scenery, and babies under tables. Hmm. Had an interesting discussion with Corey last night about scambaiting and puns – good times!

Whilst doing my laundry last night, I decided to call Randal to see if he’d received any strange messages on Facebook lately. Not that he’s had time to get on there because of his job (waking up at 5:30 AM?!), but he doesn’t think so. Things are fine between me and Korey, I reassured him – when I told him what was happening, he said that it wasn’t true that he’s not a friend to Korey. Of course he is, just like my other friends! (as Phil said: “we don’t HATE him – we LOVE him!”) He thought that it was cyberbullying, like what Danielle had lectured on at the Internet seminar a while ago. Could very well be! Since he didn’t have much time to talk since he had to get to bed soon, I let him go. It was pretty cool to talk to him, and I’ll definitely do that more on Friday!

Later, Korey got online and we discussed a bunch of things. He wanted me to lend him even MORE money, and I put my foot down initially – I have my own expenses which should really be thought of first, as selfish as that may sound. No, he didn’t call me selfish since he’s not that kind of person anymore, but I’m just saying. Corey was giving me advice in the other window (“take the money he owes you and RUN since he can’t handle his own money; my sister has more than one very ex-roommate who owes her a LOT of money!”) when he wasn’t gloating over supposed Nigerian diplomats and name puns on signs like “SOFA KING – STEWART PITT, GOOD OLD STU.” What Eric told me a few weeks ago still rang in my head: “He’s likely to take NO for what it is, unless he thinks he can change your mind.” Unfortunately, he managed to do that AND raise the original amount – shampoo, soap, deodorant, blankets, and gel don’t cost that much money… or do they? He mentioned something about paying my phone bill (that was partly why I declined originally) from his online account for the next three months, and deducting that amount from his tab. Corey and I had no idea whether that was possible (although I thought that sounded fair-ish), but K reassured me that it could be done without a problem… well, I’m going to trust him on this since he’s done before – but I still have reservations! CAN THIS BE DONE?! AIYA. (he put the bill number in his online banking later…)

Korey told me why he had a tough / cocky / confident exterior; it’s a defense mechanism which involves putting up walls against hurt from family and friends. He tells me that he’s really a softy inside, and doesn’t want to be mean or nasty towards me – this was underscored when I seemingly got upset on the phone later. I was upset over his telling his non-Christian friends the barest details of why we haven’t had sex when they asked), and he said he’d let me go since he could tell I was mad / wouldn’t tell him why, and he didn’t want to get upset since he wasn’t that kind of person anymore. He thinks that it’s only fair because I tell my friends a lot in my blogs which he doesn’t know about, but I guess it hurts him in a way. Maybe it’s not fair to him, so I shouldn’t do it anymore – but he did tell me what he told them. (“Have you had sex yet?” “No…” “Is she a virgin? Maybe that’s why she’s insecure naked and such!”) I just don’t see what business it is of theirs, but maybe it’s the “control thing” – as much as we don’t want to control each other, I still think that at least I can control what I myself tell others; I can’t control what he tells his friends, and a small part of me wants to do the impossible. Not that I don’t trust what he tells me, but there’s always the possibility that he’s not telling me EVERYTHING! (not that I’d tell him this, of course – locked blogs DO have a purpose, hahaha)

He still thinks I sound sick, even if I sounded lots better on Tuesday night. “My babe needs her rest! Are you getting enough vitamins, sleep, and things like that? I’m trying to be there for you.” Oh, I know and appreciate it! Maybe I ask him too much whether he’s mad at me when he isn’t – I told him that I *was* calling him whether he was tired or not, and he called me “Holy Miss Demanding!” (said he was joking) As I told Corey, that’s what K deserved for putting me through too much money-related stramash! K wants to go to Thailand for honeymoon purposes – I remember Adela’s pictures featuring shemales and drag people! Says that his visit next weekend will likely be very quick, as the last one was – and that last one just did not go well on a few fronts! Asked if I wanted to go to Victoria to meet Ryan and Alison: it would be a road trip since his friend with the same name (who broke up with his girlfriend of two years to pursue a relationship with another girl) wants to go somewhere. Not Saturday, since I have things to do that day – at least he realizes that Awana is important to me, even as he also thinks I don’t like traveling too much. It depends on the length of the trip, who I’m with, and where I’d be going! He was on Facebook and saw the AXE devil duck I’d given him as a free gift, and I was on Facebook at the same time – Sam’s fighting his brother and WASTING him! Of COURSE people will support Sam instead of Jeremy, haha!

Once we got off the phone, he told me on MSN that it kinda bothered him when I was very distracted with my other friends while I was on the phone with him – just for future reference, indeed! Apparently, I’ll laugh and forget he’s there – I don’t THINK so! Jon seems to do that with Harmony since he’s out living life while on the phone with her – gives them something to talk about, I suppose. 😛 I said I found it peculiar since HE does the same thing! Korey said that I’d done it a long time ago, possibly without realizing it… I said that from now on, we shouldn’t do those other things while we’re talking on the phone: he said he agreed, so we shall see. Stayed up a little longer to talk about his faith in me, and how he was sad because he still wasn’t #1 with me even after he changed for the better and such. I need to see CONTINUING evidence of such a change, preferably in person as well. Yes, I know he’s making an effort and he COULD have been upset with me over a lot of stuff in the past couple weeks, but still. “In person” might be the true test, haha. It’s just my way of protecting myself, but I won’t tell him that. He IS in the top 10 (or 5?) guys I know, but maybe that isn’t enough for him – I can understand that just fine, but sometimes he has to allow me to process this on my own time!

Corey was telling me all sorts of scambaiter info: “The DIPLOMAT – who’s the bank in reality on a different email address – is WETTING at the airport because customs wants $2000! Here is some email info, and he has to act mad about my delays, I’m sure! You know he’s serious when he types in ALL CAPS, or maybe he does that all the time. They’re smart people despite the language barrier, and some stupid people do get taken in by these scams. I’m told that a fraction of a percentage of people get taken in, but keep in mind that they send out a LOT of these things – that’s still a lot of money! The Nigerian government will actually arrest some of these fuckheads because they care about other money-related crimes, and the bank accounts do lead to real people!” I told K that he could block that person who’s sending him those messages: he’ll do it if I want him to, but says that you can tell if you’ve been blocked when you try to send someone a message. I’m thinking that the person will just make a new account, and continue to do this!

I went to sleep and had a dream about Jon introducing me to two of his friends. They were brother and sister, and the guy had a really rockin’ guitar! He proceeded to show me some stuff he could do, and I fell instantly in love. We were in a room with different walls – one was white, one was red, one was dark blue, and the other changed colors constantly. The guy wanted to go to Victoria, but eventually declined because he’d seen all the orange scenery before. He just wanted to stay with me and take care of me – aww! After that, I had another dream where Jeremy was driving me and Jon around Lansdowne Mall – his lips were so very red, and I wanted to kiss them badly. Jon was telling us that he’d seen a kid’s chalk drawing at Granville Skytrain Station: “YOU ARE MY HERO” drawn in a tree formation! We said that he should have taken pictures of it so we could see! Eventually, Jon took over driving duties for a bit as we circled the outside of the mall for a while longer. Then Jeremy took over again so we could drive inside the Bay’s restaurant looking for people, which nobody seemed to mind. We couldn’t find them even after asking the hostesses, so Jon said he’d drive around again. Jeremy and I sat next to a mom with a few kids – the baby kept disappearing under the table while its siblings played with toys and colored stuff with their crayons! The dream ended when Jeremy and I found ourselves alone at the table, talking about stuff. No idea why I had that dream, unless my subconscious wants to reassure me about guys in general, hehe. 😉

This is the coolest bumper sticker ever – thanks, Teunis! That definitely made me smile! 😀 I actually have heard that one before – on a message board, someone had that (or something very similar) as their signature. My old friend Josh (Spocko) told that to me once, as well. Then my sister noticed that a co-worker had that as their email signature, so sent it on to me! “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons… for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!”


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