Dream of Angus listening to Nelly / A boy named Maryjane?!

Definitely time to do laundry around here after I finish this post!

Someone recently asked me whether I’d had any weird dreams in the past few days. I told him that if I remembered them, I’d write them here. Did I ever have an interesting one when I finally went to bed…

* having a get-together with the children of my friends which involved singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at around Christmastime for one kid in particular (Bouncy toys, ball pit, party cups, decorations, cake, Coke, and all… Joshua and Caleb had kids, even! What the heck… I didn’t see Joshua’s new wife Jessica, either!)

* skipping a conference workshop with Jon and others in order to get three coffees in Tim Horton’s cups from an exhibition hall that looked like the one at MissionsFest in the Convention Centre

* having staggered workshops, and finding out mine were all scheduled an hour later than all my friends’ were (there was an extended break in the lounge, so we all just read the books for sale instead of going to ANYTHING – one involved a giant blue / orange / red fireball going through town, and its role in converting people to Christianity)

* seeing people demo their new music against an orange-white backdrop (like Trainspotting) with black mics [the track names and times were listed in blue technical font while they were singing]

* going out to eat with various friends; Karen and I got some food, and then she had to get Ivan to move his leg off my seat when we got back

* a brunette girl offering me a caffeinated Slurpee with a square white lid (I declined most emphatically because she was a STRANGER, and I didn’t know why she wanted me to have it!)

* seeing lots of stickers / pens / novelties for sale in souvenir shops (the company name embossed on gold stickers was Trillian Park Industries)

* getting together with my own friends at someone’s house: Angus complained that his headphones weren’t working, so he couldn’t listen to Nelly OR Nelly Furtado! We tried to get him new ones, but none would fit into the hole where you normally put them; if they DID fit in there, they ended up not working!

* a teenage boy wanting to borrow $5 from Nathan after he got $42 in cash and wanted to get change for one of his $20 bills (we kinda persuaded him to go elsewhere, haha)

* Andrea coming over after that get-together to chill: someone named Kristina called her about stuff, and Eric called me from a Chinese restaurant (where some of them had gone afterwards) to make sure that I wasn’t being taken advantage of – both calls ended at the same time!

* seeing lots of homemade cards for Steph in the recycle bin (“Happy Birthday to my Sister!”) among a lot of old newspapers

Not sure where most of that came from, although I did notice that Jeremy had to move his leg off the picnic table bench for me when I got back from the washrooms with Jen and Andrea post-barbecue! I’d be shocked (Jon would be HORRIFIED!) if Angus listened to Nelly or Nelly Furtado, to be honest. Eric was discussing headphones with me a few weeks ago, as was K. Then again, I also know that certain people are ever watchful that I don’t get taken advantage of by others, which I appreciate! Maybe the “Joshua and Caleb having kids” part comes from discussing young fathers with the Chew and Ng clan on Thursday night!

Note to self: Get to Save-On by 1-ish on Wednesday, pay bills on Wednesday, meet family for thrift shop pants and such on Thursday, and get to the Broadway / Granville Chapters to use the “$5 off $35 purchase” gift certificate on two copies of Final Exits by Friday! Also, I should get some more pens since I’m running out – they should be of reasonable quality, and don’t run out within two days of using them!

Got this from the bad baby names forum: REALLY sucky Alberta names… they have one for every year!

1997 Girls:

Aerial – Does this have any legitimacy beyond the pokey out thing on the top of your TV?
Alias – Like the TV show… classy!
Baby – 24 girls named Baby. For goodness sakes.
75 Baileys, 11 Bailees, 1 Bailie, 2 Bailys, and a Bai-Lee – I want to believe Bai-Lee is a normal nice Chinese name stuck among the Baileys, and yet I just can’t be sure.
Brinkley – Who says this out loud and marvels at how nice it sounds?
Bricklin – Ditto.
Cassidi / Cassedi / Cassidee / Kacidy / Kasydi
Crocus – You couldn’t find any better flower names?
Deleted – I kid you not. TWO girls by this name. If legit, please let me know.
Ebany / Ebonie
Hiedi – You’ve had nine months to check how it’s spelled. Ugh.
Jaisyne – Because if you called her Jason, people might think she’s a boy.
J – I’ll never understand the attraction of single-letter names. Ever.
Kai-Lee – It’s in with all the Kailee, the Kaileigh and the Kailie, but again, I just really hope it’s a regular Chinese name.
Kaspar – Girl.
Mc – Just Mc? Too trendy for the McName crowd? Or, God forbid, is it “EmCee”?
Mchale – McAle again!
Mckayla – No capitalization in this.
Micha-El – Pity there’s capitalization in this.
Mateya.Suzanne – Are periods legal?
4 girls named Phoenix but only 1 Phoneix. Unique!
Winkie – 3 of them

1997 Boys: In true fashion, there weren’t nearly as many. I ignored the Braydens and Jaydens and Cadens and so on.

Lynk – The Y does not hide the fact you played too much Zelda.
Maryjane – Yes, in the boys list.
Shouichirou – Souichirou is the surname of a character in Kare Kano. This could still be legit, but…

2006 Girls:

Emjay – Is this legit or is this people thinking how MJ is spelled after watching Spider-Man?
Luxcie – Lucy?
Luxshiya – Lucia?
65 Nevaeh, but 3x Navaeh
Spirt – Yeah. Spirt.

2006 Boys:

A. K. I. L.
51 Christians, but only one Christain.
Kirstopher – spelled Kirs.
Sweetgrassman – child abuse.

2005 girls

Anger – ANGER!
Autamn-Raine – Illiteracy reigns.
Mikaydance – It took me a while to figure this one out. Mickey Dance? Oh no. Mc+Cadence.
Neko – I doubt a Japanese couple would call their kid “cat,” so this looks like anime fans to me.
Perciea – You can’t make Percy female. Ever.
Sara-gobad – Please be cultural.

2005 boys

Cache – Step away from the PC.
Lucius, yes! Luscious, no!
Lucas, yes! Luucas, no!

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