OUCH… I got owned by someone who’s almost six years old!

Happy Canada Day! 140 years old!

(I almost typed “days”… I need more sleep :P)

Korey and I got almost no sleep last night since we went to bed at 1:30 AM and woke up at 2:20, 3:01, 3:32, 4:10, 5:20, 6:06, 6:24, and 7:57. Ugh. We did hold hands (this is ALL that happened in my bed, you perverts! :P) and talk about plans / goals / hopes / gifts / hormone control / overcompensation for certain shortcomings / children / confidence. It’s too soon to think about weddings or rings of any sort, but we can make this work. He seems to be more confident than I am about this, and I hope he doesn’t think me totally unsure about everything! I made sure he didn’t leave anything behind (charger, shampoo, sunglasses, shirts, wallet, papers with important info on them such as my phone number, that letter I wrote him on Wednesday…) and managed to zip his suitcase closed after figuring out that the lock should go around the zippers first. (“having a little trouble” described it less than accurately!) Then he checked some stuff on the Internet, and played Buck Cherry’s Sorry Youtube video for me, saying that the song made him think of me. (he did play it on Friday by way of a musical apology, while I sat on the couch hardly daring to breathe as he’d told me to listen to the words carefully) Wondered about the “Sarne” nickname, said he’d call me tomorrow night at 8 (we’ll see), and took a picture of us with his cellphone camera which made me look horrible! So then he tried again, with only slightly better results – oh, for a real camera! (Steph could do it, but the plan then was to just drop me off before they continued to Kamloops!)

He figures that he should call me “Darling” or “Violet” (???) or even “my little Leslie.” Given that he calls Eric “little Clarice” all the time, I’m not surprised. Then again, he thinks my hands are tiny – well, his are probably twice the size of mine! Not sure if that’s good while trying to intertwine fingers, but I’ll make do with laying a hand on top of his! (warm and fuzzy, indeed…) Then after preparations and eating, we hugged on the couch for a bit while he tried reassuring me of certain things – I was less shy about resting my head on his shoulder than I was on Friday, heh. Told him that the deciding factor (for now?) for a relationship was that I actually cried when I thought about his going away – something I never did with Eric, Jeremy, or Randal when they were away / out of town! (disappointment, yes… upset crying, no! :P) Finally, Eric called at 9:40 to say he was on his way (time to “act normal” for the two of us!) – guess packing took a little longer than he anticipated last night when we called him three times after the banquet to finalize Sunday plans! Eric said he’d get his SNES system and games later, and said that a Nintendo 64 STAR WARS game lying around wasn’t his. Well, it’s definitely not mine… very weird!

No, I wasn’t going to leave the apartment key with Eric (“someone I trust” is what I did NOT say to Korey, haha) because I needed it to get back in after church – and I wasn’t going to the townhouse in the interim! Got everything into the car in one trip, and had to do a lot of maneuvering of luggage / computer / sleeping bag / stool. No wonder Eric said I couldn’t come along since the trunk and backseat were filled with stuff already! (Korey didn’t want to be the bad guy to tell me this earlier in the week, haha) On the way to church, we talked about lying to just about everyone for the past couple of weeks. Good thing my family never comes over, although Korey feels they were on to us! I tried telling him that my mom is always melodramatic when I don’t call for a while, but I’m not sure that did any good. Eric’s parents think he’s going up to Vernon instead, haha… the guys discussed plans, Surrey malls, Old Navy, Agnes, etc. Haha, might as well do it now!

We sat in the very back row when we got there at 10:30 (not the “babies and parents” pew), and Eric figured that we should be good enough to not draw attention to ourselves! It would just look weird if they dropped me off at church and continued to Kamloops, haha. Jon was a Communion server for the first time, I believe. I was distracted by Olivia, Ian, and Nicholas – Korey noticed this, and said that they were amusing. Hey, the little kids keep making noise! (Olivia: “SHOES!” Ian and Nicholas: random unhappy noises and crying) He tapped me on the shoulder once to ask whether my parents were there: I told him that they weren’t, which he misunderstood as “they’re not at church!” Then I clarified my meaning: they weren’t at the English service, but would be in the Chinese one. Afterwards, Korey and I made our way to the back parking lot: I am not a speed demon, and he should know it! However, I guess I should learn to slow down!

Flagged down my sister to get her to take a digicam picture of me, Korey, and Nathan with his Sinutab box: Korey put an arm around me for the photo, which I thought was sweet. Much better picture quality than what you’d get with a cellphone camera, for sure! Nathan and I commiserated about meeting strangers who were your parents’ friends for a bit: “This auntie used to look after you when you were four, and always asks about you! Don’t you remember her?” Um, how about NO?! Talked about allergies, and told Steph to send me the picture later – Melissa’s family gave her the digicam recently, and gave me a notepad / envelopes / Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle moisturizing soap. How nice of Auntie Yeu Tin… I’ll email her after I finish this entry. Korey left when Eric brought the car around to where we were, and people said bye. Talked to Tony, Jeremy, Jon, Steph, Cindy, Dallas, Julie, Sarah, Calla, her university roommate Camilla, and others about the jazz festival / teaching themselves at Sunday School / Wal-Mart “holiday pay” (time and a half instead of double?) / the Roundhouse at Yaletown / hanging out with Megan to give her moral support on her birthday. (AKA the day after her ex’s wedding :P) Dallas asked if I were going with them to the jazz festival, but I declined since my sleep pattern has gone all haywire in the last few days! CHEH!

The toddler Sunday School was pretty lively, and little Sean didn’t care if I took his hand (with crayon in it) and made him draw / color stuff. Others were easily amused and blabbed in English during the class. After that, I gave Sean’s brother Ian his birthday present of a Happy Meal toy / card / teddy bear / caramel lollipop – he had to correct me when I thought July 4 was Tuesday. OUCH… I got owned by someone who’s almost six years old! (I then told him that my brain wasn’t all there today… partly true, since I was distracted by other thoughts!) Talked to William and Hien about the reception food yesterday, refilled my water bottle in the kitchen, and went upstairs to say hi to Mike / Danielle / J-Mak / Cordia. Danielle and I commiserated about boring family meals where you didn’t understand the conversation and didn’t have any outs – it’ll be rude to read a book at table! It would be easier if we were all back in high school or thereabouts: “Mom, I need to go STUDY and meet with my project group in 30 minutes! Let’s GO!” It’s not like we’re all about leaving as soon as we’re done with our meal, but staying to listen to endless chatter is NOT cool, haha.

After a 90-minute lunch at Mui’s with Vernon’s parents (boring Cantonese chatter :P), Mom and Dad finally drove me home after dropping them back off at church. Can’t believe we left at 3, although Pastor Fulton seemed amused at the toilet paper / Kleenex store next to Louis Garden when I pointed it out to him! Got home to true solitude and privacy for the first time in two weeks this afternoon, and I definitely appreciate it all the more! But then a wave of sadness hit me when I saw my bedroom – so yes, I had to cry. (got teary at lunch, but held it in) Not sure I’ll tell Korey about it if / when he calls me, but we’ll see. He might yet have a way of prying stuff from me, haha. 😉

Let’s see… I don’t think he can call me on Tuesday at the same time since my family’s going to a crab restaurant behind Yaohan for dinner with Vania’s and Juliana’s families. I heard about this from Auntie Tracy after Sunday School, and Mom confirmed it at lunch. As for later in the week, I guess we’ll see. It’ll be good to communicate with him, for sure. He says I’m too impatient sometimes (I know… but what’s the big rush on promise rings, dude?) and we can slowly learn to love one another. I know it’s a process which takes work – and I want to give this a real chance if it’s what is willed. Corey wants me to watch out for K’s emotional sensitivities and his being upset at every little thing – I shall, indeed.


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