Smoking dreams / Holes and bowels, oh my!

What the heck is wrong with my subconscious? I dreamed that I was outside Nathan’s in the light snow / sunny weather, and he let me in. His basement room had been converted to a long elegant golden carpeted smoking room since his mom’s death, and I recognized Margaret L. in there talking to a bunch of our other friends. She was smoking, and I saw Stella come out of there with a Bible and a half-smoked cigarette. Then Angus, Harmony, and other people came over and went into the other long elegant room on the other side of the foyer to talk and play games until they decided to have a smoke too. NONE OF MY FRIENDS SMOKE ANYTHING, EXCEPT JEN AND JEREMY! (and they didn’t even make an appearance in the dream!)

Then the dream shifted to a cramped house in which my family lived. (in the dream only) My mom was doing things with cards and cheques for herself and Dave’s mom, while Grandma was walking around under the clock in white satin pajamas. She tried getting me to clear the dishes in the sink, as well as the numerous chicken bones around the sink area. No go, because my sister and I were far more interested in the drama occurring between our parents at the time… and we were also doing sports-related word searches! (which my dad called “crosswords,” confusingly enough) Auntie Grace’s card had nice calligraphy script on it, saying how much people appreciated her, and there was also a nice cheque inside. Dad was trying to get her to go to the bank because it was 9:20 PM and the bank would close soon, but Mom kept delaying the process. Finally, he just became really cranky and impatient with her. The dream ended with his yelling at us on his way out to do the chores we were assigned. Ha ha ha, I guess my struggle to be awake showed HIM! 😛

I called my sister a while ago, hoping to get my brother: he’ll be done teaching at 3:30 (when I’ll be on the road to Awana!), then do something before he goes with Christine to get ready for their concert. Would have asked him about it yesterday, but then Harmony called – we were much too absorbed in the overtime, anyhow. Maybe I’ll call him once I get to church… we’ll see what happens then! Not much to say about blogs this week: suffice to say that Spoz and Randal blogged about their usual stuff. (photos and ramblings rule, dude!) “Craptastic” also has a bad meaning, so don’t tell me to have a craptastic day.. that would make for a weird signature, though! Let’s just say that I now find certain Biblical translations and images of God walking with people to be hilarious for reasons you don’t need to know about! (but if you know me well enough, you’ll probably figure out why – if not, then never mind!) Never mind eating roast beef because it was there (he said it wasn’t very good anyway!), or picking up snakes… holes and bowels are where the true amusement lies for me this early afternoon – oh my! I sense an MSN name change coming on! 😉

Dawn’s been busy looking forward to the weekend, and browsing Wikipedia – that site is awesome! Alyssa’s moved her blog AGAIN for the 32443th time (lasagna / comments / concerts!), and Dave’s been teaching “gifted” (read: Asian) kids about science stuff. Sounds interesting! Vivian’s just been doing stuff related to the end of practicum (draft reports?), and has a student failure analogy related to the Canucks’ 5-1 loss to the Ducks. FOLLOW THROUGH, PEOPLE!

P.S. Eric’s just reminded me that the bowels is the term they used for when your heart is moved. Ah yes, the bowels as the seat for your emotions – silly misconceptions. 😀


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