Dream: Getting shortchanged, and underwear for dogs / SIMEON as a name

If you’re a regular reader of this stuff, you already know my subconscious has a bizarre way of processing my life. I’m not sure WHAT it was trying to process after I went to bed this morning… o_O

* waiting for a bus that would take me to Phil’s house (lots of buses passed me by, including one that specifically went to Wal-Mart)
* having Phil pass right behind me in a car, but not seeing me at the bus stop
* finally arriving at Phil’s house, where I was afraid of tripping down the wooden stairs all over the place
* Phil’s parents making me do all the dishes in their sink, for only a toonie’s worth in payment – and there were a lot of them! (only $2 when I was promised more than that?! you gotta be kidding me…)
* going to a Chinese restaurant with Lesley, Eric, Teunis (winterlion), and other friends of mine – we would get graded on our ability to understand and speak Chinese (for the purposes of this dream, the white dudes were able to be reasonably competent in the language)
* seeing poodles all over Chinese magazines in photos
* having the lively young woman owner tell us: “If you try going to the washroom, it’s best if you dress in skimpy underwear for the dog – it won’t be as likely to bark that way!” o_O
* Teunis losing his cool with the dog since the barking (even at other patrons) drove him absolutely INSANE! (the washroom was light green with brown benches – kinda like a swimming pool / gym change room, too)
* seeing some Chinese opera which we had to evaluate, and then receiving our final scores: “29” (out of 100) is NOT compassionate marking, no matter how you try spinning it!
* looking for the people our own age whom we’d seen in the restaurant beforehand, but encountering one of my grandma’s friends / Auntie Cissy / Auntie Cynthia / other people our parents’ age there instead! (“it’s Valentine’s Day time – we think your friends left early to celebrate!”)
* hearing Frank Zappa’s Dirty Love as part of the restaurant’s musical atmosphere – who plays THAT at a Chinese restaurant, of all places?!
* passing by a foggy orange university with multiple buildings in a snowy land once we exited the restaurant – we somehow knew it would re-open once the Ford dealership / gas station next door completed its renovations
* my getting mad because of a sign at said dealership which misspelled the word “hooray” – two instances of the letter O, and only one R… NOT two instances of the letter R, and only one O! (as in “hooray for Vancouver!” – Eric got annoyed since I was mad at the spelling, heh)

Ah, dreaming of online friends again… if this keeps up, most of them will be faceless blobs, haha!

Hey, no calls from Henry! That’s a change from the previous two or three weeks when Awana was in session, haha. As long as I don’t fall asleep at 5, I should be fine – stupid computer! Checked blogs, too – I really should replace some of the old links with more current ones! Might as well do it now, or else I’ll forget for another week – Good Friday / Easter weekend would NOT be the time to do so, haha. Alyssa’s moved blogs yet again, so has stuff about Monday Madness / Friday Feast / Animal Crossing / My Chemical Romance and Muse concert tickets / seven songs she likes / chocolate / addiction / World of Warcraft / blog upkeep. Vivian has amusing anecdotes about teaching, and can’t believe how long she’s been sick – THAT SUCKS, DUDE!

Hmm… either Randal has quietly developed his storytelling talent, or he stole this first Simeon story from a book which is not the Bible. I don’t know which is the case (and I’m not gonna ask), but the “worm” thing drew me in because it reminded me of Ministry – it’s been too long since I’ve heard that song! He has another story about a different man called by that name – ah yes, the old man who waited FOREVER to see baby Jesus as the Savior of the world. He has stuff about Darfur, China becoming Christian (sure…), encouraging words, international crises, skating with the elementary school kids, and such. Little Nathan (who he mentioned) is so cute! (he’s seven years old with a perma-smile that we’ve discussed before, and was quite the player last year at Summer Conference, haha – Eric and I were pretty much like “What the heck…” when he told us that he had eight crushes!) I also heard about his having to drive all the way out and back to / from the rink AGAIN because of 10-year-old Julie thinking she left her skates there – NOT FUN! I should totally talk to this person tomorrow – goodness knows I won’t have the chance to next week! (and no… I am not a stalker… ahem!)

I just hope he’s not considering that name for any future children he has: sure, “Simeon” is an actual name (unlike what I rant about sometimes on here), but “Simeon Chin” kinda rhymes. Or maybe (as usual) I’m overthinking things – I know of at least one old friend of mine who had a rhyming name: Jesse Keetley! Then again, Billy Lee rhymes too…. I’m just being cranky, haha. It’ll probably pass in a bit… but if it doesn’t, watch out! I can think of at least three people who wouldn’t like it at all tomorrow when I’m around them, not even saving my parents! As for this afternoon…. well, let’s just say that I shouldn’t snap at the children (or tomorrow, even), but you never know what will happen.

Speaking of being cranky, Dawn knows she’s been that way lately for some odd reason – she’ll try to do better for various people’s sakes and for herself too. Heh, I could also use some of that… I know Eric would probably privately think it, even if he doesn’t say so. It’s all good – I got it out by incoherently yelling at Corey over MSN, haha. His suggestions to shock people aren’t what I’d be likely to do, but they were sorta funny… Dawn has also seen 300. The eye candy is apparently very good, but the whole “not keeping your own integrity” thing was not so cool. Funny what will make you think that the whole experience is ruined, but I tend to agree. At least have characters that will stay true to their own principles and the point of the movie till the end, y’know? Heh, I don’t think I’ll see the movie, but it was cool to read what others thought of it anyway.

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