Not a fan of cold showers, so I’m not coming over!

I was GOING to take a shower a while ago before I went over to the townhouse for dinner and such before our TV crack… but NO SUCH LUCK! The hot water turned out to be very cold… stupid apartment management who didn’t even notify us about that! Good thing I found this out while washing dishes instead of turning on the shower and THEN stepping into what would surely have been a freezing experience! So then I called my brother, who answered the phone even if he was teaching – weird, but I told him that I was staying home tonight because of the water situation. It’s okay even if Eric would probably have driven me home afterwards, since I probably need to stock up on “me time.” 😉

You are Witchy!!
Nothing gets Witchy cackling like causing trouble for her oh-so-perfect sister, Sock Fairy. And with her expertise in spells and potions, you can guarantee that she’s always brewing up her own magical brand of trouble. With her short fuse, wicked sense of humor, and distinctly unwashed odor… Witchy is a sock best avoided, but that doesn’t stop Bad Oddies flocking to help her cause mayhem. The undisputed leader of Bad Oddie Island, Witchy isn’t scared of anything apart from bubbles and happy dogs. But she loves the rain, and couldn’t live without her cauldron to help cause trouble.
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Oh man, I can imagine what certain people would have to say about THIS description… o_O
I just DARE you to come up with something… actually, no!

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