Happy Chinese New Year… Year of the Pig! / McDonald’s Bacon Double-Cheeseburger

Note: LJ Hidden Village of Crax blogquiz, by Mike.



It’s the Year of the Pig! See this lovely picture courtesy of the latest posts page? 😀

Corey’s in Taiwan right now with Jane’s family: why not take a free trip where you can get it? The other day, he told me about fireworks going off everywhere, and that he couldn’t understand any Mandarin. He just sits around until one of Jane’s relatives says something in English, haha. I’m not surprised, either. Then tonight, he gloated about the superior quality of bubble tea there: “I’ve had bubble tea twice now, and it’s probably better than YOUR bubble tea, so 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 :P” Meh, that makes sense since it DID originate there, haha!

If I do something, I get comments about it. If I don’t do it, I also get comments. Aiya, what to do… I’m not sure I’ll take someone’s advice on the matter, but who knows. We’ll see what happens in the future!

NarutoFever.com Love Compatibility Test

Your results are in! You love loud exuberant personalities, and who would be more compatible with you than the carrier of the nine tails demon fox. You love his never-say-die attitude and perseverance. You feel inspired whenever you see him fight, although he does stupid things all the time, and is (all in all) not very smart at times. The nine tails kid, the one who’ll surpass all previous hokages, your one true love: Uzumaki Naruto.

You are GAARA!

Power. It’s easiest to sum you up in that single word. Power. Life has been hard, but you’ve come out of it strong, and while you may not be a people person, you’ll never be short of opponents. Your power is like a magnet, drawing people in… to their deaths! Muah-hah-ha-HAHAHAHA!

McDonald’s Bacon Double-Cheeseburger

2 prepared beef patties
1 prepared bun
2 American cheese slices
1 slice Oscar Mayer Ready-Made bacon

Prepare the beef patties and buns as directed in the regular hamburger recipe. Dress the bun the same way. Microwave the pre-cooked bacon for about 15-20 seconds, tear it in half, and lay the pieces side by side on the dressed crown. Follow that with one slice of cheese. Put cooked beef patty #1 on top of the cheese, add another slice of cheese, and then beef patty #2. Add the toasted heel and wrap in a 12″x16″ sheet of waxed paper. (see cooking regular hamburgers for wrapping directions) Let sit for 5-7 minutes, then microwave (still wrapped) for 15 seconds until hot. Enjoy a classic bacon double cheeseburger!

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