"The orange peppers aren’t really a BC product!"

Went to church this morning, and wished my mom would quit discussing a certain subject. UGH. My grandma gave me a bunch of Centrum vitamins – all well and good, but they’re for PEOPLE OVER 50! My mom says it’s because of the iron, but who knows. Got to church and put my bag near Randal while I went to say hi to Hannah and Priscilla – they’re cute and like bugging each other: ah, sisters! Waved hi to Jeremy when he sat beside me, and gave Randal that VANCOUVER book. He thanked me for it, and spent some time flipping through it. After service, I talked to Pat / Vanessa / Christon / Jeremy / Eric / Sheena about lunch plans: Pho it was! (Dylan didn’t like that idea much, haha) Met Sheena and Chalaine’s sister Carina, who’s not like us since she has different friends and such.. Grade 10 girls can be rebellious! Chung Yan was giving out wedding invitations – YAY! Steph went to the comedy club on Friday after MissionsFest, and had fun.. she was telling Joey and Angus that she actually won something too! Said hi to baby Hannah, and talked about a certain person with Danielle.

Sunday School was all right – Sean needed distraction in the form of those rainbow stickers and insect book, but it’s all good. Said hi to Amos later on, then looked for everyone later on since they let out early on account of the AGM. Both the good Pho places were full – I told Jon that he didn’t want to try shady Pho on a meeting day! Our family went to Trocadero (Greek place) when we found our car was blocked, and Jeremy joined us later. We discussed Dallas and his moving to Richmond soon, Jeremy’s roommate Darryl getting married, language barriers and generation gaps, German, Chinese, a call from a realtor about one-bedroom apartments, a chapter in Jon’s latest book being called “The Christian Who Drinks Beer,” money, and other such topics. Poor Dallas gets awakened every day at 4 AM! The family that he’s living with has a grandma with them, and she likes listening to the radio on Eastern time.. no wonder he’s moving nearer to us, haha! Reminds me of the time I lived in a house with a bunch of people, and someone in the room next to me BLASTED her radio at that time one night / morning. Thank goodness it wasn’t a recurring thing, and that she was outta there pretty quickly after that!

We also experienced some frustration with Grandma when she was offering us some lamb – she put the fork right on the water pitcher, and then claimed that it was okay since it wasn’t touching the water! No, it’s NOT! Then it came time to pay the bill Jeremy contributed $15 when the bill with tax and tip was about $100. Grandma thought his part should only be $10, but he’d had souvlaki and coffee which was about $15. Finally, we decided to be sneaky about it and put the $5 down when she wasn’t looking. It was an extra tip and such, too! The restaurant played some Tina Turner, so Steph was all over that and her vocal range! They played some James Blunt, which we agreed was annoying AND overplayed at the height of its popularity. Weird Al’s version was MUCH BETTER! *nod*

Then it came time for the meeting: I passed Darren a stack of birthday cards for Jon to sign when I was done with them, and he passed me some that Jon was finished with. (we were separated by two rows of people) Joey and Sam were looking up hockey (pool) stuff on someone’s laptop, but everyone shared in the junk food people brought from various sources: rice cakes, Toblerone bar, Asian rice crackers, etc. Michelle got laughs out of the birthday cards I plan to give my parents later in the year – “Dad, here are descriptions of different kinds of poop / farts” and “Mom, I am going to get myself a butt tattoo for your birthday!” I managed to finish with the February AND March birthday cards at this meeting (plus read the Annual Reports), mainly because we spent ONE HOUR discussing two items pertaining to bylaws and such… and then spent some more time discussing “his” vs. “their.” I need to get a birthday card for Sheena (which I thought I had already), and I still need to find out Sean’s address from his sister Vanessa… email it is! At least Vania, Esther, and Sabrina got their January birthday cards today: Vivian gave Vania her birthday card today, too! (her birthday is January 7) At least Jon finished with the January cards so Steph could sign ’em… then I signed her birthday card right in front of her! I told Christon that I was using AGM time efficiently, haha. Christon had this large Sudoku puzzle, and Steph had her 20-foot-long Sudoku that Michelle gave her, too.

We decided to table certain things for a future meeting since the discussion was going to take way too long, which is a good thing! I laughed at the way various things were written in the Annual Reports – “our four golden flowers sang at the Chinese Opera night” and “the merging ceremony for the Charis and Koinonia Fellowships into the Enoch Fellowship was conducted like a wedding ceremony” being two prime examples. After that, the guys and I stopped by Safeway to buy dinner ingredients: mushrooms, chicken, peppers, lettuce, spinach, chocolate cherry ice cream which Nathan requested, an avocado, and broccoli. One interesting thing is that the organic broccoli was the same price as the regular pesticide-filled stuff… whoa! Then the sign for the orange peppers claimed that they were BC-grown, but the sticker on one of them said that they came from a BC Hothouse via Mexico! Oh well… the guys tried to be environmentally conscious and such, though! Doing the local produce thing / Garway Supermarket thing wasn’t viable: Capers and Choices are expensive stuff, but you’d pay a premium for organic things anyhow!

On the way to Nathan’s, we joked that Jeremy could start a new Internet trend by saying “IMAO” instead of “IMHO. “In my arrogant opinion” just sounds more humble than the other, haha. Then we discussed ways to avoid causing trouble with the police, plus various funny videos that Jeremy’s seen. Once we got to Nathan’s, the guys started cooking… but things didn’t go as planned – right now, Danielle’s complaining to Isabel (who just got home) about that! Hockey is boring to her, and we haven’t even watched PARADISE NOW yet! Citrus was playing some game on his PSP involving machine guns and a police mission, Nathan and Christon were playing STREET FIGHTER on a game system, and plenty of discussion was had about basic training / work dynamics / game nights / working / AGM stuff / losing weight while playing Wii. Who knows when we’ll watch this thing… hopefully soon! Rachel also emailed us to say she’s settled in with the temperature fluctuations and such, and gave us her new address: sweet! 😀

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