Let’s crash someone’s party instead of staying home!

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Rachel dropped by briefly with four bags of groceries for tomorrow’s dinner. She’s not fully packed yet! Harmony showed up first for dinner tonight, so we talked for a bit and started watching SCRABYLON – this Scrabble documentary that Jon and Jeremy borrowed from the library. She brought ice wine, so Jon figured that I’d drink most of it. Yeah, right! Then Dave, his parents, and his girlfriend Tiffany showed up, so we paused the documentary while talking to them and showing them various baby albums and pictures. Apparently, I looked cute at 5 or 6 when Jon was a baby… and as the joke goes, that’s when I stopped looking like that! Auntie Grace had an upset stomach, so Jon recommended Pepto-Bismol. Tiffany had a sore throat, so I jokingly told her that she could have ALL the garlic she wanted… she settled for some water Jon got from the kitchen. But the garlic was there in all its glory: thanks, Mom. 😛

Tiffany thought that Jon and Dave DID look alike, sorta… Steph told them about the time last week when she saw a person she thought was Dave entering the house. She was like “What’s DAVE doing at my house?!” when the person on the phone raised his fist to her: it was the ug! That got us on the topic of how we show affection to each other: raising fists to each other, sitting on each other, poking / punching lightly. We’re a weird family, all right!

Dinner was so good, and there was a fair bit of it including mango pudding / ham / midwinter ale / red wine / chicken. We watched the Scrabble documentary through dinner: some people can be really obsessive (read: SCRABBLE GEEKS!!!) about it! Imagine remembering what plays you did to make certain words, having a 770-point game framed, playing your ex and placing “RATFINK” on the board to rattle him, memorizing the 20 or so words with Q and not U in them, and considering the game as an aphrodisiac! I had to think of Jasmine (surrey_sucks) during this doc… I just couldn’t NOT do that, haha. We took pictures of each other and showed Tiffany what true family affection is like, so I’ll show you those pics later.

Steph left afterwards to go to Vivian’s place, then called later to ask me what the special name for a duck’s beak was called. I was out of it from being tired, but we figured out that it was a bill. After Dave and his contingent left, we watched the deleted scenes from MY FLESH AND BLOOD, which is the doc we watched on Friday night. We didn’t have time for those then since we had to meet Chinese Eric and Fay for bubble tea at 11. After that, we watched DISCORDIA: that was about what happened at Concordia University (Montreal) in September 2002 when a group of people actually stopped the former Israeli prime minister from speaking since there was a riot. That sparked a massive fallout with free speech issues, Israel-Palestinian issues, conflicts, frozen funding, court battles, possible expulsion, and other things. Very interesting stuff! Of course the two of them were holding hands and such intermittently through the movie, but that’s understandable. FOCUS ON THE SCREEN, haha.

After watching some of the extras featuring Noam Chomsky, Harmony wondered if I wanted to go with them to her friend’s house. Turns out Jon was elementary school classmates with Kendrick… a small world, indeed! Since I figured that I might as well have SOME semblance of a party while the New Year made its appearance, I agreed to go along and crash the party there. Sure, I was tired, but New Year parties don’t happen every day! Mom gave me a Bathroom Reader #16 calendar (I already have the book, but whatever), a temporary dragon tattoo, some chocolates, and a nearly-full jar of pickles. Now my knapsack smells like pickle juice even though there were three layers of protection from spillage… I hope Mom knows how to wash those, and handwash my new Angel hat! (thank goodness I forgot my Santa hat and festive shirt tonight!)

At Kendrick’s, I saw Harmony’s sister Holly / her boyfriend Peter again. Holly and Harmony’s brother Myles couldn’t make it, but apparently he was with HIS new (?) girlfriend. People were making jewelry, playing STARCRAFT (such guys! :P), playing MARIO KART, and just having a good time. Met a whole bunch of people, and had a good time too! We turned on the TV literally 32 seconds before the big event, and I told Jon that he should be kissing his girlfriend at midnight and not terrorizing her sister! He claimed she didn’t care… eh, perhaps it’s so. Harmony used Jon’s digicam to record a mini-video, so I said hi and Happy New Year for the camera. Then Jon took over and said that he hoped the new year brought maturation to their relationship: maybe it will, since they’ve only been dating for two months and eight days now! (I know this because someone asked them about it)

Had some raspberry cheesecake, which wasn’t that sweet… that’s the ultimate Chinese compliment for a dessert, though! Some girl was saying how someone made a great-looking cake for dessert once when she was a kid, but she and some other kids wouldn’t eat it because it was too sweet! Hindsight says that they were pretty mean, and that the person was probably pretty insulted too! Some people asked Jon and Harmony a couple of questions about their relationship: when Harmony went to move her car since Peter and Holly wanted to leave and we were blocking them, Jon told the truth instead of flippant answers about a singles bar or a cougar bar! When she got back, naturally the discussion had turned to WHY the cougar bar reference was included… blame FRED, haha. She was NOT impressed!

Someone liked it when I said that she knew Jon’s propensity for teasing when she went into the relationship: well, it’s true! Things they didn’t know about Jon: he brews his own beer (homebrew, not a brewery), and he asked her out first! Things they didn’t know about Harmony: she teaches piano in Toronto (NOT at her place… it’s too small, even if it’s three minutes from work), and she’s pretty ticklish. Someone described his jabbing motion as an uppercut: NOT THE SAME THING! Then the yellow plastic hammer and orange plastic nunchuks were brought out: think of things you’d win at the carnival. Much fun was had with those, haha. There was a cute Asian baby accessory danging from Kendrick’s phone which reminded Jon of the Winnie the Pooh on Steph’s old phone: she didn’t like it originally, but didn’t say anything since Melia had spent ten minutes trying to put it on in the first place!

We discussed kids, remembering to write the correct year on cheques and stuff from now on (so used to writing 2006!), weddings (both Jon and Steph are invited to Gilbert’s in August), Denise and St. Maarten in the Caribbean (someone’s going to med school there), William Bridge, coolers, carcinogenic chicken, Darfur, Toronto, Pho, what Jon was going to do during Reading Week when he goes there (explore while Harmony works!), and relationships. Jon called Jeremy, Danielle, and Eric to wish them a Happy New Year… Harmony wanted him to call Nathan in Hong Kong, but he doesn’t love him THAT much, haha! He also threatened her with high off-key singing, heh. Eric’s going to the soil-turning ceremony at the new church site later today, so might carpool with my family. At about 2:15, everyone left: Kendrick’s mom couldn’t sleep – not because of us being loud – but because she was sick. After I got into my place, Jon called to make sure that I was in – the buses weren’t running at 2:30, so that would have been a cold long wait outside if I hadn’t! I wondered why he brought up the buses, but figured that it was where I’d turn for transportation: true. After the big parent get-together tomorrow afternoon (where our parents meet Harmony’s parents), the lards will probably pick me up so I don’t have to bus to the townhouse for dinner. I just hope I’m awake by then, haha.. if I’m not able to SLEEP, I don’t know what I’ll do!


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