Diamonds / Let’s entertain the blind people while dodging questions about my non-existent love life!

Gee, the autosave thing works whenever I type in something complaining about it. I wonder if I’ve got a sentient LJ update field on my hands… o_O

Ah, the Awana break is good even though I sorta miss the kids… it’s no three-week break like the one we get at Christmas / New Year’s, but it’s cool. I wonder whether I’ll survive getting up at 6 AM two days in a row next weekend… where was my head / brain when I agreed to take that bus tour with my mom?! Ah well, I tell myself it’s only temporary and the trip will (hopefully) be worth it if I don’t feel like committing matricide at the end! (only half-kidding, heh) Being awakened from my happy slumber isn’t something I necessarily deal well with, either…

I’ve had two white diamonds in two separate Bookworm games today! I got White Diamond #1 on Level 8 when I used three yellow / gold tiles to make the word ROUT. (the only normal one was the U, I believe) o_O Unfortunately, I couldn’t make any words out of the white W before the whole tile field had to be scrambled, so I quit that game. (hey, I have my standards before Level 12, and even afterwards! :P) Then I got White Diamond #2 when I used two blue diamonds in the making of the word HUG. (the only normal tile was the H) I managed to use that white diamond for the R in the word RIM before I had to scramble the tiles, but I quit that game too because it wasn’t going well.

Here’s a link to my brother’s Flickr photos… they don’t seem to be updated, as the latest ones are from when the guys did the Grouse Grind three times in one day for Darfur back in August.

I decided to do some blog catch-up… must do so on Friday next week! Vivian’s been sick, and mentioned some highlights of the week: small group outing at Earl’s, Starbucks, mocha, and more. Dawn had a bunch of pictures and thanks to people… I guess she wanted those items for her birthday, and the girls came through, heh. Speaking of birthdays, Vivian will have her birthday wish list up soon… I’d have done the same, but those things never seem to work out for me. Besides, who reads this stuff anyhow?! *crickets* Yeah, thought so. Heh. Jen’s excited about her sister Caroline’s wedding, since she’s going to get two weeks off work AND it’ll be a non-traditional wedding. Things between her and someone else are going okay, so that’s good… that just means Jon gets to tease her more, or so he thinks! (he was asking her last night about spending time with Dave in Toronto: she thinks she will, heh)

Steph had a progress report on the state of her rebuilding epithelium after those cells were scraped off… yummy! I wonder how long it took her to write that post, since I imagine being at the computer isn’t the best thing for her right now. (even if her eyesight IS better than it was before when she wasn’t wearing glasses!) Try not rubbing your eyes for three weeks… that would tend to make you aware of your eyeballs, for sure! She loved the testimonials at the Coal Harbour eye place, the increased tests they did, the free consultation, and the caring atmosphere. Then again, the laser apparently sounds like you’re being abducted by aliens, and the burning really makes you think about your poor cornea! (I also decided to call earlier to entertain her since she’s blind… note to self: NEVER tell her about a certain person asking questions in a courtship / dating talk, or else she and Mom will get the WRONG IDEA! She says that Ray, Vivian S., and Dallas are coming tomorrow to Thanksgiving dinner: sweet!)

Spoz had stuff to say about the Crown and Anchor hotel, plus the normal weekender commentary / photos. Public transport could be a tangent entry, for sure… but he’s there to document the music scene, haha. Seems he had an interesting time, what with lots of drinks and vinyl albums.

Dave says that on the TTC, there’s a shirtless man with a Santa Claus hat who does pushups and saying “Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!” This dude’s been banned from all TTC vehicles, Yonge / Dundas Square, Nathan Philips Square, and the area from College to King and Yonge to Spadina. He also got to see a live taping of the Royal Canadian Air Farce recently; he went to his first one — a taping of Jeopardy in Culver City, CA — three years ago, but missed the legendary Ken Jennings by mere weeks. Then again, he still wonders what could have happened had he actually witnessed Jeopardy history being made in person. But he witnessed another historical television moment of sorts: he saw the first ever taping of a Canadian sketch show in high-definition. Yay for milestones, haha. (and I don’t necessarily mean the restaurant!)

Now I might go tag various RANDOM_MUSINGS posts… I’m the mod, and I have THE POWER!!! 😀

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